Are You A Female Over 35 Frustrated with Exhausting One Size Fits All Workouts That Don't Work?

Discover Your Unique Workout Blueprint that Works with Your Natural Body Type to Reveal Your Sexiest Figure in 28 Days! 

Fixing your trouble zones and finally getting your lean toned curvy body is so simple when you

Use your 2Factor body code to unlock your sexy female figure potential

If you've tried all the other one size fits all workouts and are still struggling to:

  • Burn unwanted body fat
  • Get a flat toned stomach 
  • Shrink your waist Sculpt a firm round booty
  • Strengthen & tone every inch of your body
  •  Lose weight without obsessive dieting 
  • Get fitter and sculpt sexy curves

You're NOT alone!  Most women struggle to get their best figure because they've never been shown how to train right for their body type

So even if you're exercising consistently and are doing your best to eat a clean healthy diet you still struggle to improve your figure and fix all your trouble zones that make you unhappy such as 

  • thick thighs and wide back
  • no waist and a bulky torso
  • a square butt and hips
  • saggy or shrinking BOOBS!  

Maybe those one size fits all workouts have made your body problems even more noticeable!

All you wanted was to look and feel your best, but you're still not at your ideal weight and body fat, plus now you have more bulk where you don't want it and no curves where you do want them! 

Not fair considering how much time and effort you spend exercising and eating clean.  

It probably made you feel like a failure at fitness or like you don't have good genetics but in reality it's not your body that is the problem! 

It's the one size fits all workouts
that don't cater to your
unique body that's the issue...

  • The Fact is the female body comes in many body type variations which is why the one size fits all approach NEVER works 
  • The Truth is you don't have to be stuck with one size fits all fitness OR end up looking and feeling worst off than when you started because your body has as much potential as any other body to look amazing! 
  • The Great News is that YOU CAN have the body you've always dreamed of no matter what age or fitness level you are and no matter how much time you have wasted on those other plans 

Getting your best body shape
is actually NOT complicated
when you know your 2 Factor body code 

and have your body type workout blueprint from Your Best Female Figure.  It took me over a decade of researching to figure this out.

Years of writing about fitness plans, years of training frustrated women and dealing with my own body type frustrations until I finally discovered the 2 factor code that works to sculpt a lean toned body with sexy feminine curves.   

The great news is that the process that took me years to figure out can work for you in as little is 28 days!   

Just like my client Reatha B. pictured here
who got her sexy body back at 50
with simple body type workouts
that took no longer than 25 minutes

Getting Your Best Female Figure is actually much easier when you start training smarter not just harder

What Your Best Female Figure system will help you do is focus on your unique body type training blueprint that melts the fat easily, corrects trouble zones and sculpt sexy female curves quickly so you finally look and feel your best!

My name is Monica Neave and I am a 47 year old Certified Fitness Trainer with 20 years of personal training experience primarily with female clients wanting a fit sexy feminine looking figure.

I've been perfecting the 2 factor body code workout blueprint in Your Best Female Figure since I became a weight loss and fitness expert for various publications but especially since I started personal training in 2002. 

I even used this system on my own body to get my best figure so I could finally go back to performing at 45! 

I am only dancing on big stages alongside award winning performers because I stepped away from one size fits all plans and started using a customized body type system that got my best figure and confidence back.

If your main goal is to improve your natural body type so that you can feel amazing and go pursue all your other passions with confidence then the 2 factor workout blueprint in Your Best Female Figure is exactly what your body needs. 

Here's How It Can Work for You:

  • YBFF is designed to fix your trouble zones by balancing your body shape.  So instead of hyper focusing on problem areas and making them stand out  more it zones in on improving your body's best features which in turn fixes all your most troublesome body parts without obsessing about them.
  • YBFF is designed to work on the average every day woman.  You don't have to train like a fitness competitor or an athlete or a trainer to see visible results right away.  In fact the more you get away from training that is not right for your body type the easier it gets to get your best figure and keep it that way. 
  • YBFF was created for my online bootcamp ladies, YBFF site visitors, and online training clients who were desperate for something more customizable to their unique bodiesSo this was created to work for every day women just like you!

Check out the results from ladies who have used Your Best Female Figure system

In my first 4 months of working with Monica's workouts, I lost 40 pounds.

Because of her excellent support, I have kept my weight off and have completely changed my lifestyle. 

I am healthier than I have been is years. Her comprehensive and very personal approach to training has made my success possible." C. Taylor

  • "Just want to give you KUDOS on so many great exercise and circuits. They are EXTREMELY effective. I've seen my body change over just a few weeks. I think I have more leaner muscle now than in all my years of working out." Melody

  • "I absolutely love your workout guides! I am 41 years old, and my metabolism has definitely slowed down since I turned 40. I used to be a gym rat, spending way too much time at the gym, and just getting bulked up. I enjoy the simplicity of your suggested exercises, because you can do them anywhere, anytime. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making it SIMPLE, and thanks for keeping me motivated!!!" M. Bellesfield
  • "Thanks, Monica. The exercises are awesome.  Thanks to you I can put them all together and use them effectively." B. Semel
  • "I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an extensive workout regimen for people of all levels in their workout journey. I've been active all my life but in the past year, I decided to workout smarter, at a greater intensity and with greater dedication. I've used the routines and they have kicked my butt :) I've become stronger, leaner and more motivated.  I've been able to maintain a weight for more than a year, which I've never been able to do in the past." L. Raymond

Here Is What Your Best Female Figure Plan Includes To Get YOUR Best Body Ever

  • 9 fatloss toning strength workouts that you can mix and match to sculpt your best body ever
  • Follow along workout videos  so you don't have to guess how to exercise to get results with  modifications for beginners and the more advanced
  • Body type workout schedules that you can customize to your body and your life so you can exercise in a way that you enjoy
  • Detailed exercise descriptions with links to workout videos so you can print or watch the workouts
  • Quick warmup and cool down routines that speed up results;  by boosting metabolism, fatloss, energy, and recovery 

Your BFF Plan Also Includes
The Success Tips Guide 

  • 18 quick and practical fatloss success guides that will help you do get visible results
  • Practical success tips to help you overcome the top fitness and fatloss obstacles so you can tackle any setbacks
  • Dozens of success strategies that work for real women and that I've used personally with all my clients to help them get the mindset that gets results
  • Workout tips and recommendations, body image tips and so much more

Your Best Female Figure 2 Factor body type blueprint workout system has a value of $500-$800 

That is what my personal training clients pay $500-$800 for their in person customized body type workout blueprints just like the one in YBFF system.

So the online price of this was set to $129 BUT I decided against this  because it would prevent many women online from getting the plan and getting their best figure results.

 I decided instead to offer Your Best Female Figure at a very reasonable price

So you won't be paying $800 or $500 or even $129 instead you'll be getting this plan for a fraction of that

Today Just $21

That's even less than the cost of  a sports bra!  The only thing is you need to take advantage of the low price NOW because I can't guarantee the price will stay this low forever. 

Your Best Female Figure is constantly improving and could be packaged differently in the future at a much higher price.

Even if you're undecided about Your Best Female Figure you can just get started with my risk free 100% money back guarantee now and follow the plan for 30 days. 

Then if you're not 100% happy with your results after 30 days just contact me for a no questions asked refund. 

That is how certain I am that you will love your body after just 30 days on the plan. 

Your Best Female Figure is just 28 days away and so is your peace of mind because your workout blueprint starts working the minute you get started!

Getting the body you want and seeing visible results this week is so simple!  All you have to do is identify your 2Factor body cone then follow your body type workout blueprint each week.  

The customized workout plan combined with the simple success strategies will help you finally get your lean toned figure with sexy feminine curves.

Yes, it really is as simple as following a workout blueprint customized to your unique body type.

Today Just $21

In fact once you learn how to workout smarter
you will know how to
do the best workouts for your body and

maintain your results for life

If you've tried all the other workout plans and you still don't have the body you want then isn't it time for a better, smarter workout plan that addresses your unique body and what it needs?

There is only one catch you may want to consider which is that Your Best Female Figure is not for everybody. 

If you are not willing to give your unique body type blueprint a chance because you're still stuck on one size fits all training then this is probably not for you. 

But before you decide check out the FAQ below to see what other customers have asked before getting started with this system.

Today Just $21

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to be over 40 for this program to work

A.  You can be as young as 18 for this program.  In fact a younger body will respond faster plus learning how to train right for your body type now will make it easier to maintain those results into your 40s 50s even 60s like many YBFF ladies do!

Q: What if I just want to lose those last few pounds?

A. Then this is definitely for you!  Many women who are stuck on a plateau or struggling to lose the last few pounds just need more body type focused training to reveal their best body. Guaranteed, YBFF workouts will burn off that last few stubborn pounds AND uncover your best body.  Just  try it and THEN decide.

Q: How much equipment do I need?

A. Your Best Female Figure was designed around bodyweight exercise and a few small inexpensive pieces of fitness gear most women already own like dumbbells, bands and fitness balls.

Q: How long will Your Best Female Figure stay at this price?

A. Like I said before, the price you see of $21.99 is for a limited time only. I honestly don't know if it will still be at this low price if you come back later. I encourage you to click on the button below now… there’s zero risk. 

Q: Are there any hidden charges?

A. Absolutely not! You pay $21 one time and get the complete program. You may be offered optional upgrades after your purchase but that’s totally up to you.

Q:  How soon can I get started?

A. The best part about getting Your Best Female Figure is you can start right away. As soon as you fill in your card details on the next page, you’ll be taken to the private members area where you can get access to the entire program immediately.

Q:  What if it just doesn’t work for me?

A. In the highly unlikely event that Your Best Female Figure doesn’t deliver your best body then  just contact me for a full, no questions asked refund. That’s how sure I am you’re going to have success with your results.

Hit the buy now button and lets get started,

Monica Neave

Today Just $21

P.S.  This is me at 47...Pretty smoking hot pic for an every day mom right!  The only thing holding YOU back is those one size fits all routines.  Once you start training right for your unique body type you'll be the star of your own life too!

P.P.S.  Remember that one size fits all fitness NEVER works and you have absolutely nothing to lose other than your trouble zones and negative body issues! 

Just give your unique body type workout blueprint a chance and if you're not 100% happy after 30 days it costs nothing.

Today Just $21