Your Best Female Figure Plan:

Want to Burn Fat Fast & Sculpt a Lean Toned Body with Sexy Female Curves?  Ready to...

  • Lose unwanted body fat
  • Get flat toned abs
  • Shrink your waist
  • Sculpt a firm round booty
  • Get lean toned legs & arms
  • Tone every inch of your body
  • Lose weight and get fit without over-training or obsessive dieting
  • Lose the fat without losing your sexy female curves!

You CAN get YOUR best female figure with a simple & overlooked trainer secret...

workouts customizable to YOUR unique body...

The fact is that your female figure is very different than a man's body (physically and hormonally).

The female body also comes in four basic shapes and many variations of those as well, which is why the one size fits all approach NEVER works.  Have you ever tried a workout plan that worked for your best friend but did absolutely nothing for you?

The reason so many women struggle to get the body they want is they don't train right for their body type.  Most workout plans just don't show you how! 

But you don't have to struggle to get the body you want anymore...

Getting Your Best Female Figure is actually easy when you start training smarter not just harder...

Hi, my name is Monica Neave and I am a 42 year old ISSA Certified Fitness Therapist with over 12 year of personal training experience with female clients.

I'm also the owner/editor of Fatloss Workouts Guide the #1 independent fatloss site online and was also the Exercise & Weight Loss editor at Bellaonline from 1999-2012, where I wrote weekly articles about all the top diets and fitness plans. 

What I've discovered after 12 years of training clients and running fitness sites is that most women just want to lose fat, tone up, and sculpt a sexy curvy female figure.

Unfortunately most workout plans designed by fitness experts with athletic or bodybuilding backgrounds hijack women's fitness goals. 

What most fitness plans do is burn fat and transform your body into a bulky overly muscular manly build with a thick torso, bulky thighs, manly arms and shoulders which is what most women don't want. 

So it isn't your fault that you're struggling to get the body you want...

It's not you, it's your workouts!  And what is missing from most workout plans is a custom approach as well as the dynamic female friendly movement that women need to get a sexy female figure that isn't overly muscular or bulky looking.

I don't really mention this much on fatloss workouts guide but I started dancing when I was 3 and spent 8 years working as a dancer before I became a fitness therapist.

It's this lifetime of movement practice and 12 years of experience training women one on one that helped me figure out what was missing from most workout plans so I could create a plan that gets women the fit and beautiful female figure they want much faster.

Your Best Female Figure workout plan helps you focus on what works for YOUR body...

It burns fat and gets you fit and toned.

But it also shows you how simple it is to exercise right for your unique body so you finally get your best body ever and without losing your feminine curves.

Your Best Female Figure workout plan is designed to move your female body the way it was designed to move, like a sexy female curve instead of a bulky athletic linear robot.

It gets you the results you want without having to spend hours a day exercising or lifting hardcore weights and without constantly stressing about your diet.

If you're tired of workout plans that make big promises and deliver only mediocre results then Your Best Female Figure Workout Plan is for you!

Here Is What Your Best Female Figure Plan Includes To Help You Get YOUR Best Body Ever...

  • 9 fatloss toning strength workouts that you can mix and match to sculpt your best body ever
  • Dozens of fat burning exercises and modifications for beginners and the more advanced so you don't have to guess how to exercise to get results
  • Body type workout schedules that you can customize to your body and your life so you can exercise in a way that you enjoy
  • Quick warmup and cool down routines that boost fat loss and post workout fat burn so you get your best body faster
  • Detailed exercise descriptions with links to workout videos so you can print or watch the workouts
  • Workout tips and recommendations, body image tips and so much more
Get Your Best Female Figure

Your BFF Plan Also Includes The Fatloss Meals Guide...

  • Simple healthy eating guidelines that will help you find the right balance of healthy meals and cheat meals
  • 56+ simple fatloss meal recipes and pictures so you don't have to guess what to eat to lose fat, tone up and keep your curves
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack tips and options that fit into your busy lifestyle so you can make healthy choices and get on with your busy day
  • Healthy eating tricks and tips to help you keep healthy eating simple (no more constantly obsessing about your diet)
  • Sample meal plan with no, low, and high carb days plus metabolic typing and carb rotation eating tips for fatloss.
Get Your Best Female Figure

Your BFF Plan Also Includes The Success Tips Guide:

  • 18 quick and practical fatloss success guides that will help you do get visible results
  • Practical success tips to help you overcome the top fitness and fatloss obstacles so you can tackle any setbacks
  • Dozens of success strategies that work for real people and that I've used personally with my clients to help them get the mindset that gets results
Get Your Best Female Figure

You also get Your Best Female Figure Quick Fatloss Guide...

This 28 page ebook that includes:

  • the 7 basic movement patterns that you can combine into intense fat burning workouts for quick permanent fatloss.
  • 4 quick fat burning workouts with detailed instructions and pics plus links to workout videos
  • a simple eating blueprint for quick fatloss and a simple carb cycling guide for quick and painless fatloss that lasts

You also get these additional bonuses...

1. Turbulence Training 10 Minute Holiday Workouts by Craig Ballantyne CSCS MS creator of the #1 fatloss workout plan TT for Fatloss

2. Turbulence Training Hot Zone Fat Loss Workout by Craig Ballantyne CSCS MS creator of the #1 fatloss workout plan TT for Fatloss

3. Training & Nutrition Insider Secrets for a Lean Body by Mike Geary CPT CNS author of Truth About Abs

4. Exposed! The Biggest Lies and Myths of Weight Loss by Jayson Hunter RD CSCS

5. 17 Potent Tips for Removing Unwanted Fat from Your Belly Butt Hips & Thighs by Jayson Hunter RD CSCS author of the Carb Rotation Diet

6. Bathing Suit Crash Course: 13 Simple Strategies for Looking Great this Summer by Jayson Hunter RD CSCS author of the Carb Rotation Diet

Get started now to finally get the body you actually want and start seeing visible results this week...

All you have to do to start seeing results this week is identify your body type and follow the workout plan for your body type.

The customized workout plan combined with the simple healthy fat loss meals and the success strategies will help you finally get your lean toned figure with sexy feminine curves.

Get Your Best Female Figure

Yes, it really is as simple as following a workout plan designed for a sexy female figure

In fact once you learn how to workout smarter you will know how to put together the best exercises and workouts so you can maintain your best female figure for life!

If you've tried all the other workout plans and you still don't have the body you want then isn't it time for a better, smarter workout plan that addresses your unique body and what it needs.

Check out the results that clients, visitors, and other trainers have experienced with Your BFF Workout Plan...

  • I absolutely love your workout guides! I am 41 years old, and my metabolism has definitely slowed down since I turned 40. I used to be a gym rat, spending way too much time at the gym, and just getting bulked up. I enjoy the simplicity of your suggested exercises, because you can do them anywhere, anytime. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for making it SIMPLE, and thanks for keeping me motivated!!!" M. Bellesfield"
  • "Just want to give you KUDOS on so many great exercise and circuits. They are EXTREMELY effective. I've seen my body change over just a few weeks. I think I have more leaner muscle now than in all my years of working out." Melody"
Get Your Best Female Figure
  • I just wanted to say thank you for providing such an extensive workout regimen that apply to people of all levels in their workout journey. I've been active all my life,but in the past year, I decided to workout smarter, at a greater intensity and with greater dedication. I've used the routines and they have kicked my butt :) I've become stronger, leaner and more motivated to continue forth. I am still working on my diet (I love to eat... all the time), but at least, I've been able to maintain a weight for more than a year, which I've never been able to do in the past." L. Raymond"
  • Monica Neave has been my personal trainer for four years. In my first 4 months of working with Monica, I lost 40 pounds. Because of Monica’s excellent support, I have kept my weight off and have completely changed my lifestyle. I am healthier than I have been is years. Her comprehensive and very personal approach to training has made my success possible." C. Taylor
  • Thanks, Monica. The boot camp exercises are awesome - as soon as I see them, I think, 'Oh yeah! I remember when a trainer showed me that' but thanks to you I can put them all together and use them effectively." B. Semel"
  • "I have been a satisfied client, in her fitness boot camps over the last few years. Monica has a solid knowledge base and a friendly personality that goes a long way when driving to a fitness class in the AM. She is confident and provides variety in her routines. I enjoyed them because the workouts, at times, could be hard and also fun at the same time." M. Prough
  • "I just wanted to send a quick email of thanks. I teach Boot Camp as well as Step and Body Works and I love all the new ideas that I get from your workout guides. Your workouts keep my classes fresh and interesting." Wendy
  • "I am a personal trainers and co-owner of a fitness and weight loss company, like you am committed to helping people lose the fat! I just want you to know that I like your workouts and no-nonsense approach to weight loss. It is the very same approach that we take. Thanks! M. Erne
  • "I just wanna say I LOVE your exercises! I am a personal trainer and am always looking for new ideas. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom." A. Carr
Get Your Best Female Figure

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