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by monica

focusing on what's best for your body type is what will get you the body shape you can have naturally.

focusing on what's best for your body type is what will get you the body shape you can have naturally.

Every month we get thousands and thousands of women on our site asking some great and fun questions. Often times it's the same questions so here's a quick question and answer including a few that will make you laugh out loud!

how can you become slim in 1 weekend have a very beautiful hourglass shape? surgery

how to get hourglass figure in a month? get my corset core plan and follow the workout plan for your body type and hourglass diet to the letter for 4 weeks no skipped workouts no cheating on diet!

how to get the perfect female body? there's no such thing as a perfect female body

how to reduce a thick waist? stop following free random fitness advice and learn to train right for your body type with any of my workout plans

what must be required weight for sexy figure? depends on your height and body type

4 sexy moves to a perfect booty? depends what body type you have

6 week butt makeover? yes I created this plan and it works if you follow the body type recommendations

ab exercises to avoid for hourglass figure? weighted side bending of any type. wearing a waist slimmer during workouts not a good idea either since it weakens your core and makes it stick out more from all sides

beast hips butt beautiful? I'm going to assume that was a typo and you are looking for best hips and butt beautiful, that would be Lou Lou D'Vil on our booty workout page.

best diet for hourglass shape to lose weight without exercise? can't be done, you need to do both if you are serious about getting results fast and keeping them for life.

best hourglass figure ever? No contest. Betty Brosmer, Joe Weider's wife had the most stunning hourglass figure ever!!!

butt tingling after brazil butt lift? that means you worked it hard. good job!

bulky core women? yes! they're everywhere these days because they do too much fatloss training and not enough corset core training

can I go from straight body to curvy body? yes within reason meaning you can't change from a Miley Cyrus body to a Coco body unless you get surgery.

can you lose inches on your hips dancing but eating chocolate cake? yes but only if you limit your chocolate cake eating intake to 20% of your meals and not while working out and if you plan on having other cheat foods then factor those into the 20% too.

Dita Von Teese waist slimming exercise? Pilates and fencing. She also drinks green smoothies daily and eats 3 meals a day instead of 6 meals a day.

does belly dancing slim waist? it can if you combine it with the right workout routine for your body type.

does working obliques give you an hourglass shape? no! please stop the side bending especially with weights unless you have a weak core in which case you need a tiny bit of stability ball lateral oblique work before you can do any type of corset core training for hourglass waist.

cheap belly fat burning corset free shipping? don't buy it! it's a ripoff and will weaken your core and hurt your back!

best dress for column banana body type? all of them as long as you're fit you'll look hot in any dress and that is the advantage of your body type!

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