your best female figure workout motivation tips

by monica

"Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people" Nido Qubein. A great way to boost workout motivation for life is to stop comparing yourself to other people and to focus on sculpting YOUR best female figure.

When you focus on improving YOUR body type, your fitness level and your health, you stop judging yourself, lose the negative body image, and free up a ton of energy for challenging workouts that are going to help you to get YOUR best body ever faster.

Speaking of challenging workouts, here's a quick one from yesterday that would not have happened if I had started comparing myself to other fitness people on youtube who can do all kinds of things I can no longer do (i.e. super high impact jumps, regular pushups, super fast high knees, etc.)

I started with 5 min. of mobility exercises and some calf stretches because I had been wearing heels and my calves were tight and my posture needed some readjusting. After my warmup I did 3 rounds of the thigh slimming exercises circuit in 10 min. (regular version not the dance version). I could have done a 4th circuit but I was aiming for a shorter workout yesterday and had already worked my lower body 4 other times this week : )

After the thigh slimming circuit I continued with the waist slimming circuit but not the way you see it in the video. I substituted the stability ball back extensions with suspension trainer rows, deleted the core activation drill and the tabata intervals. So I performed 5 exercises in a circuit then repeated it one more time. This took less than 15 min. then I finished up with 15 min. of stretching. My entire workout including warmup and stretching took 45 min.

One more workout motivation tip that will help you stick with your workouts: don't be afraid to take a workout and mix it up or edit it to fit your time limitations, energy level, or your mood. The more flexible you are with your exercises and workouts the less likely you are to skip workouts and the more consistent you are with your workouts the faster you get results.

You will still get results even if you tweak a workout as long as you challenge your body with good movement patterns performed with adequate intensity and excellent technique.

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