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by monica

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Curvy Booty Tip A lot of women ask me if it's possible to lose belly fat and shrink your waist without losing their curvy booty or if it's possible to sculpt a bigger booty as you lose fat around your middle.

The trick to losing the thickness around your core and getting more volume on that booty is to train movement patterns that really challenge your gluteus maximus as well as your transversus abdominis.

The gliding disc lunge with thera band twist I'm doing in the pic above is one of dozens of movement patterns that does this. Try adding this killer move to your lower body routine and you WILL see a major difference in how much rounder and curvier your butt looks after just a few workouts that include this exercise.

One of my clients who used to have a flat butt and now has a round perky butt at 50 years of age called this move the overnight butt makeover miracle. It really is that effective! You gotta try it to believe it.

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