your best female figure body transformation challenge

by monica

details on how to win a copy of my new ebook below..

details on how to win a copy of my new ebook below..

details on how to win a copy of my new ebook below..

"Beauty really IS in the eye of the beholder. When you gaze at a sunset, the reason you enjoy it is there's a sunset on the INSIDE of you too. The experience of beauty is when that connection is made." unknown

I read this amazing quote above today and got to thinking how most women just don't see their own beauty. They focus so much on their flaws and on what needs to be "fixed" that they fail to see the beautiful body that is waiting to emerge just like a butterfly emerges from it's cocoon.

So many of the women who answer my giveaway survey are so unhappy with their "marshmallow" bodies or hate their "cankle state" or feel so hopeless about their "thick layer of fat" or hate their "saggy belly pouch" "thick waist" or flabby thighs & lose skin". It's easy to understand why there is such a misconception that we need fitness motivation/inspiration to makeover our bodies.

But here's a body transformation secret that will help you start getting your body this minute: Visualize your best female figure right now. Picture it in vivid detail. Try to picture it all day today. I promise that the more you can picture yourself as you would like to look the healthier choices you will make and the faster you will achieve your best female figure.

When you stop focusing on what needs to be changed or fixed or transformed and you can visualize how you see yourself looking once you HAVE the best body you can get naturally your brain will start processing all that and figuring out ways to make it happen without you ever needing "fitspiration".

Fitspo is for people who only care about looking good on the outside which is why most people who use fitspo never get results.

Visualization and your best body mindset is for smart women who know that true body transformation must start in the mind and in the heart.

When you can make the mind body soul connection (connection between the body you desire, the body you see having and your daily actions to get that body) is when you will start to SEE those body parts you "hate" magically transform into body parts you love! I've seen this work with dozens of female clients and it worked for me too.

So my challenge to you for the next couple of weeks is to stop focusing on your flaws several times a week and instead focus on your potential and visualize yourself like a butterfly that is working hard to emerge from it's cocoon. What will you look like once you spread your wings?

If you are willing to share it below (using a fake name if you like) you can enter to win a copy of my brand new ebook Corset Core Hourglass Waist. ***more giveaway details will be emailed to subscribers in 2 weeks.

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