your best body at any age if you have the balls to get it

by monica

Back in January when I created my big balls workout act and was scheduled to perform it in a Feb. show, a few of my old injuries reared their ugly head and began causing me terrible neck shoulder back and hip pain. Things got so bad that I was having migraines daily, dealing with terrible insomnia and had to resort to wearing that pink athletic tape I was wearing in my act to actually hold my head up and keep my shoulder from tearing.

I'm certain that this sounds like a bunch of cry baby silliness to others with more serious conditions BUT is royally frustrating and depressing for me because I am a certified fitness therapist with 16 years of experience helping clients manage pain syndromes and correct postural imbalances so they can exercise without pain and reach a healthy weight .

It was especially depressing because I had already dropped out of one show in January due to pain and could not perform in February or March burlesque shows either. Not being able to perform when your creativity is at an all time high because your body is broken and won't cooperate is like being given a really great gift and then having somebody stomp on it so you can't use it.

So these pics as silly as they may seem to women who don't get burlesque and this act as ridiculous as it may seem to burlesque critics who don't appreciate my style of performing mean the world to me. Thank you so much to photographer Rick Bracht for taking so many amazing pics of this act at the Black Cherry Burlesque 80s vs 90s show last weekend. *you can see tons more pics at

They show how hard I've worked the last few months to reduce my pain and to be able to perform with low levels of pain. They show that NO I will not be stopped because I'm 46 and have many dance and training injuries from when I was young and didn't know how to train my body to avoid injury.

They show how much love I have for fitness and all the crazy fitness freaks in my fitness profession. They show how when you want something bad enough you can get it if you're willing to do the hard work that others never see; like standing with your head against a wall for several min. a day every day to re-train your neck muscles to work again it looks so dumb to others but is so incredibly painful for me and many of my 60 year old personal training clients.

They show that NO your life as a sexy woman doesn't end when you're past 40 or even 50 like my mentor Stormy Leigh and YES you can do all you ever wanted to do even at 50 60 or 70 if you are willing to take care of yourself.

I refuse to become invisible as I get older. I will do everything in my power to continue training hard and performing until I no longer feel like doing it. You can accomplish amazing things at any age if you focus on solutions and have the balls to be who you are meant to be!

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Jun 08, 2016
by: Jo

At 43 years old and seeming to always be dealing with injury this is very encouraging. Thank you Monica!

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