you get your best body by doing the healthy thing most of the time

by monica

you can be healthy fit toned and beatiful no matter your age, genetics, location or situation

you can be healthy fit toned and beatiful no matter your age, genetics, location or situation

Just got back from Vegas and have so many helpful articles/blog posts for you but first some fitness observations from our stay at one of the largest hotels in the world... 1. There is no shortage of C.R.A.P. food (carbonated, refined, artificial, processed) in this country and it's cheap fast and convenient

2. a majority of people walking around in every city are overweight/obese but for some reason when I'm on vacation it's more noticeable and shocking

3. most women between 20 and 40 wearing bikinis, shorts or tight dresses have cellulite covered thighs and butt, muffin top, major stomach fat, back fat and arm flab (so many it's scary)

4. some of the performers on the casino floors were just as flabby and fat as the guests (with nearly 75% of the population overweight or obese it must be hard to find fit employees I guess).

As a fitness therapist who's been helping women of all ages lose weight and bodyfat for over 12 years it's just appalling to see thousands of people stuffing their faces full of empty calories especially young mothers and fathers with young kids who are learning by example that it's normal to be and to look unhealthy.

The fact is that cellulite, back fat, muffin top, stomach fat, arm or thigh flab, and all those other trouble zones and modern day "diseases" are just symptoms of poor eating habits and lack of proper movement. Your age or your genetics have very little to do with health or looks.

Being healthy and looking fit toned and youthful really comes down to the choices you make every single day. As one of my favorite motivational quotes goes " you are what you do not what you say you'll do". If you are doing the right things for your body 80% of the time every single day then you WILL have the body you want no matter what age you are, what ethnicity you are, or what genetics you inherited.

It really is that simple which is why I don't say I'm going to drink my green superfoods smoothie every morning I just drink it. I don't say I'm going to have organic fruit and veggies at every meal I just do it. I don't say I'm going to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and do the right type of exercise daily, I just do it.

It's not complicated, you just have to make yourself and your health a priority and you do that by just doing it no matter what you got going on or where you are : )

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