you already have your sexy female figure so let her out

by monica

It was exactly two years ago that I made a decision to stop training the way most fitness experts do and to start listening to my own inner wisdom. It was this inner wisdom that helped me to workout smarter so I could finally get a body that is healthy and that also makes me happy. Below is one of the first circuits I filmed using this inner wisdom.

Needless to say this video wasn't very popular on my fatloss site where a majority of women believe they needed to punish themselves with torture workouts and turn themselves into mini-men to be considered fit, strong and confident. But those people's views no longer mattered to me because I was finally starting to get my sexy female figure.

Turns out my best female figure was just hidden, actually buried deep down due to years of criticism from male trainers, people who called themselves my friends and even some family members. It's the same sexy figure that all women are born with that goes into hiding due to some form of social pressure to conform to something you are not.

Letting her out can be a bit scary (mostly for other people) but it's something you must do if your goal is to become your best self inside and out. So my resolution last year was all about showing my true self. Kind of like the funny ad below.

And the result of that New Year's Resolution is more joy, more self acceptance and more body confidence than I could have imagined plus my health, fitness and body shape keeps getting better too.

So this year instead of resolutions that keep your sexy female figure suppressed, make resolutions that will help you reveal the beauty that's already there. Trust that your sexiest self is in there and just needs a bit of help getting out. Happy New Year!!

By the way is Monica Cruz (Penelope Cruz's sister) sexy and hot in that Agent Provocateur ad or what! She portrays the type of body confidence and female empowerment all women want to feel whether you are fully clothed or not!

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