3 ridiculously simple yoga stretching exercises for your best booty best waist & best female body

As the saying goes "life is simple but we insist on making it complicated" and this is especially true with fitness.  How many times over the past few months have you neglected restorative exercises because you felt it wasn't worth the time?  

Instead you trained hard yet another day (I'm just as guilty of this as you are) then you wondered WHY all that hard work wasn't paying off with visible results you could see in the mirror that same week (if you're training right results should be visible fast).  

The truth is that in fitness what you don't do is just as important as what you do.  So if you skip restorative exercises that keep your body functional then what you ARE doing to get a sexy body won't be as effective.

Want better body results?  Do these 3 ridiculously simple yoga stretching exercises regularly.  BUT make no mistake, just because they are simple doesn't mean they are easy or painless..

of all the yoga stretching exercises out there this 1 may be the most painful...

King Arthur pose hold 3-5 min. on each side - of all the yoga stretching exercises out there this is one of the easiest looking yet most painful for most people.  I've been told by clients AND other trainers that it feels like some form of medieval torture IF you do it correctly.   Why?  

I learned this move from my Rolfer who taught me that no amount of heel to butt quad stretching even comes close to the hip release you get from this.  He recommends that people who train a lot do this daily.  The easy way to get into this is shown in pics here.  Some tips for you if you struggle with this pose are:

  • Breathe!!! and picture your entire hip flexor quad muscle group like a water fall flowing to the floor.  Trust me this works to release faster.
  • Set a timer for 3-5 minutes then listen to your favorite relaxing song or watch a relaxing video on youtube while you do this stretch.  The time will go faster and the stretch will be less painful if you are distracted.
  • Use a towel or several pillows under your knee and maintain proper form the entire time by keeping knee close to wall, squeezing glutes, tucking tailbone under and keeping your back shoulders heads straight.  If you're doing this correctly you will feel intense stretching from the obliques all the way down the quad to your knee without pressure on the knee or low back. 

So why does this stretch matter so much?  As I explained in previous glute activation and posture correction videos, tight hip flexors means bad posture, bad exercise technique, decreased glute and core activation and decreased lower body endurance which in turn means decreased fat burning and exercises effectiveness.  

these 2 yoga stretching exercises are intense but nowhere near as painful as the prior one...

Seated revolved triangle pose hold 30-60 seconds each side - Ever tried revolved triangle only to lose your balance and nearly land on your head or butt?  Regular triangle is quite easy even for some of my clients with poor balance but once you revolve it the twisting motion can humble even the most advanced yogis. The great news is that you can do this on the floor eliminating the balance challenge and getting an even better IT band, hamstring, glute and back stretch.  **The added bonus of this pose is the metabolism boost from twisting that improves digestion.

I learned this version and many other yoga stretching exercises variations from one of my Shiva Rea DVD's and it's quite easy to get into but takes some patience to hold.  

Here's some tips to help you get a deep stretch:

  • Activate your deep abdominals once your down in the twist to get the deepest stretch possible without hurting your back or neck.  Video here shows you when.  Remember to rotate from the torso not from the shoulders/back.
  • If your elbows don't reach the floor use blocks or pillows to prop the the elbows up.  You don't need to get your face to the floor for this to be effective but if you have that flexibility then get down as low as you can.  
  • Push down on the ball of the foot of the back leg while pushing back with your elbows.  This will sink the entire hamstring and glute way into the floor for the deepest stretch possible.

So why does this stretch matter so much?  Because it lengthens the entire posterior chain which are some of the hardest working muscles in all ybff fitness plans.

Full wheel pose variations 3x 15-20 seconds each time - Ever wished for a more stress proof mind and body that doesn't get broken down when life gets crazy and turns life upside down?  Then this backbend pose is for you.  **The added bonuses of backend yoga stretching exercises is they strengthen your back and shoulders, stretch the abs, chest and neck which improves breathing which all improves posture and metabolism too.   

Now I have to be honest and tell you that I hated backbend poses for the longest time but I kept trying them and eventually it paid off in ways I never imagined.  Basic backbends  like the one pictured here (or with both feet on floor) actually opened the door to tons of other yoga poses that you may have seen in some of my other videos like: camel pose, bow pose, lunge backbend, sugarcane pose, reverse warrior and the super challenging inverted staff I recently posted on instagram.  

need more yoga stretching exercises?

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