Want a yoga sexy body?  Go with the flow & let go...

Have you ever seen some of the top yoga masters?  None of them have bodies that fitness experts obsessed with low bodyfat consider "fitness magazine worthy" and yet these amazing yogis have cult followings that rival those of rock stars.  Why? 

Because yoga offers so much more than just yoga poses for toning the body and looking hot.  It promotes an attitude and a mindset that gets you to your best self (inside and out).

WTH!  You mean Yoga Isn't about Achieving Crazy Poses, Flexiblity, Weight loss A toned Body, flat abs or Yoga booty...

As certified senior Iyengar teacher and longtime student of B.K.S. Iyengar explained "The goal of yoga is enlightenment. That's it. Certainly different people have different reasons for practicing yoga, and I know from years of teaching that if I handed out a questionnaire asking about those reasons, enlightenment probably wouldn't come in high on the list. But yoga was originally developed to lead the practitioner to freedom from suffering and to realization of his or her Divine Nature."

The secret to getting yoga sexy body is...

The big secret to getting a yoga sexy body is to not get seduced by the crazy arm balances and other wild yoga poses that promise a yoga booty, tight toned arms, sexy abs, fatloss and all that other surface stuff.  See yoga isn't about poses or even about body improvement, it's about going with the flow that gets you to those poses.  This requires letting go of what isn't serving you so that you can be spectacular!  

So what each yoga pose really offers is an opportunity to improve your mind, your body and your attitude about yourself and about life.  For example in the challenging arm balance Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1 (video above) you must be flexible to bend and twist while maintaining balance, stability, focus, passion and some level of playfulness then once you've managed to breathe, relax and have fun in this crazy looking pose you must gracefully let go and continue with other yoga challenges.  

If you can't do all those things when you practice yoga then you will struggle with ALL yoga poses or other forms of movement and you will also struggle to live your best life in your best body.  So it's really less about achieving and more about BEING the healthy lifestyle and body you desire.  Just practicing being your best is when the magic happens as they say and you don't even need a fancy pose like 8 angle (viddy in fb post) to do that.   

Sometimes the poses you need most are the least advanced or least impressive looking or least appealing to you...

In the holiday video here for example I'm doing some fairly unimpressive yoga poses that are excellent for releasing stress and correcting all kinds of imbalances that distort the female posture, destroy motivation and slow down fat burning and body makeover results.  For many women these easy poses are key for a better mind body soul connection that eventually gets you the healthy lifestyle and sexy body you desire.  

So while it takes plenty of strength and discipline to get into advanced yoga poses, it takes even more strength and discipline to focus on yoga poses that your body needs for true transformation such as corpse pose.  I like many others who practice regularly, actually have to force myself to do this pose because as many yogis like to say "letting go is the hardest asana".  Not doing, not posing and just being present until your "divine nature" emerges is one of the hardest things in yoga and in life!

So how do you practice when you have a "yoga sexy body" goal?

If you goal is to be your best in every way then simply start listening to your body all day every day, especially before/after your workouts.  Tune in to the tension the stress the unhealthy behaviors then when you have the time focus on yoga poses that are going to guide you back to your healthiest body and your healthiest behaviors.  This CAN include yoga sexy poses like splits or wild and crazy arm balances or basic yoga stretching exercises such as a seated forward bend (yoga trail pic below).  

Your goal with yoga should always be to go to that tension free, stress free, relaxed, free to move, free to be your best self place.  The closer you get to this every time you practice the more you will begin to see this in your daily life and the closer you will get to your best self (physically mentally emotionally).  

Every time you practice even if it's just for 5 minutes, forget about getting yoga sexy and instead focus on nurturing the mind body connection that will allow you to let go of all the things in your life that are holding you back from BEING your best or yoga sexy or whatever other body goal you have because as a very wise yogi once said "extraordinary things happen when you align mind body and soul".