31 of The Best Yoga Poses for Weight Loss Fatloss Fitness Health & Positive Body Image

The 31 poses featured in the video below can actually be grouped into 10 basic categories because just like exercise yoga poses are simple movement patterns that can be modified and adapted for all fitness levels and body types. 

A yoga pose can be as easy as you need it to be or as challenging as you want it to be and the great thing about yoga is that you don't have to do all the super advanced poses to get all the amazing benefits.

The 10 Basic Yoga Poses for Weight Loss & Tons of Variations and Tips

Below is a quick list of all 31 yoga poses featured in the yoga poses for weight loss video.  The list may look a bit overwhelming but if you watch the video you can see how I grouped poses into 10 general categories.

Like all exercises, all yoga poses are simply movement patterns that can modified to be as easy as you need them to be or as challenging as you want them to be.  The main difference between exercise and yoga is that yoga provides so much more than fitness, fatloss and toning.

  • cat dog
  • downdog
  • 1 leg downdog
  • triangle pose
  • forward facing triangle
  • revolved triangle
  • side angle pose
  • extended side angle pose
  • bound side angle pose
  • lunge twist
  • lunge twist w/chest opener
  • seated twist
  • reclined spinal twist
  • reclined pigeon
  • pigeon prep
  • pigeon
  • 1 leg king pigeon
  • mermaid
  • seated gate pose
  • gate pose
  • pose dedicated to sage visvamitra
  • half moon pose
  • sugar cane pose
  • kneeling lord of the dance
  • prone single leg bow twist
  • crow
  • chaturanga
  • side plank
  • wild thing
  • sundial
  • 8 angle prep

I promise you if you just practice 10 min. after your workouts you will not only change your body faster but you will get a whole new and improved outlook on your body and on life too!  Start with any of the poses in the video or try the 20 min. practice below by Shiva Rea.  It's one of my favorites!

Yoga Poses for Weight Loss Tips

  1. Choose poses that compliment your workouts and help you lengthen those hard working muscles
  2. Spend 10 min. on yoga stretching exercises after all your workouts for increased fatloss, flexibility, and fitness
  3. Work at your level and try not to compare yourself to other yogis.  Yoga isn't a sport, it's actually not even a form of exercise (more on that some other time).
  4. Have fun with your yoga poses.  Breathe, relax, smile, enjoy the restorative quality of yoga.  Remember that increased fat burning is a result of health and balance not just a result of hardcore exercise.
  5. If you need help with yoga poses try a good set of yoga dvd's by an instructor that you find inspiring.  My favorite instructor is Shiva Rea.  I find her style of yoga positive and uplifting and very empowering.

My yoga for weight loss story

Check out all the best Shiva Rea Yoga DVD's. Her practice in the video below is one of my favorites!

I tried yoga for the first time when my son was about 5 months old but didn't really get into it until one of my old dance injuries started acting up in 2004. 
My rolfer actually recommended yoga and I'm so glad he did because I've been hooked ever since. 

Not only did yoga help me restore mobility and flexibility and eliminate my back pain it also helped me recover from adrenal fatigue that I experienced from the stress of my divorce.  I practice at least 10 min. a day every day and do a longer 60-90 min. practice about once a week. 

I love yoga so much that I got a specialty certification in yoga for mind body healing back in 2008 and I study yoga continuously.  I love teaching yoga stretching exercises to ALL my clients and they love the toning & fatloss results from fun yoga poses.