ybff holiday fitness gift guide 2017

by Monica

ybff holiday fitness gift guide 2017 for you!

ybff holiday fitness gift guide 2017 for you!

ybff holiday fitness gift guide 2017 for you! Siphondraw.com graveyard dust bath bomb powder Yandy.com low cut velvet maxi dress Yandy.com power reveal sports bra and leggings

Happy Holidays! The YBFF holiday fitness gift guide for 2017 is here and this year it's all about effective and indulgent gift giving with a catch. You're a giving kind of female as most women who visit here are BUT what you may not know is what YOU want so this gift guide is filled with ideas for YOU!! So when people ask you what you might like you'll have some ideas or maybe just buy it for yourself while shopping for others :)

1. Siphon Draw Graveyard Dust Bath Bomb Powder - Is your body dead tired from hardcore training? The Graveyard bath bomb has a combination of ingredients that reduce inflammation, release tension and stress as well as detoxify and improve your skin. If you're like me and struggling with constant muscle soreness or spasms, extreme tight fatigued muscles or relentless aches pains and tension this powder will amaze you! One bath bomb has enough for 3 baths and works almost instantly. I purchased it in person at Goldfield Ghost town but you can order it online. They also have peppermint body butter, espresso lip balms, peppermint winter gift boxes and so much more! All made with natural ingredients that are good for your health.

2. Pilates Ring / Pilates Magic Circle - Remember a while back when I borrowed one of these from the gym to start learning more about how to teach with it? Well it is one of THE best pieces of equipment for cinching waist, improving posture, and strengthening the core/pelvic floor/inner thighs while you train glutes. I love it and the one I use isn't even a nice one! Be sure to ask Santa for one that comes with a bag and some type of guide book (Yogalo or Nozam brands both look great).

3. Training Mask - For those of you looking for a more hardcore workout experience this piece of fitness gear is just for you! I wrote about restricted breathing as a way to improve endurance in my breathing exercises article a few years back before these masks were trending and only wish I had invented this mask myself! Be sure to do your research on this and try to avoid the really cheap badly made ones.

4. Yandy Power Reveal Sports Bra & Leggings - You train hard you look good so why not treat yourself to some sexy workout apparel that is a fraction of the same sets you see all over social media! You deserve to look amazing during your workout AND NOT pay outrageous amounts for your hot body workout clothes right! If this style is not for you they have plenty of other affordable options you might love too.

5. Yandy Velvet Desire Lingerie - The velvet lingerie collection at Yandy this year is to die for and all of it is super sexy and super affordable. The wine color set in pics has a gorgeous retro look with sheer back high waist panty and a soft cup bra. There's also some gorgeous velvet bodysuits with lace details or you can get super sexy in a velvet dress like the low cut green one I splurged on before Black Friday. Looking for sexy sleep rompers they have those too. All of it is a fraction of what you'll pay on etsy or in shops.

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