YBFF Birthday Coupons & Hotter n Summer fb group

by monica

It's that time of year again! Another birthday another year of YBFF fun workout progress plus my burlesque anniversary, mother's day and this year in addition to all that my son's high school graduation. That's a lot of reasons for a big sale and a special summer fb group for YBFF combo pack customers. The details are super simple.

Coupon codes for all plans on sale are in pic or listed below. There is a limited number of coupons available and they all expire at the end of my bday 5/2/18.

YBFF + Corset Core + Love Your Booty + Corset Core pack and bonuses is 25% OFF

Corset Core + YBFF + Bodycon pack and bonuses is 20% OFF

Your Sexiest Female Figure plan is 15% OFF

Keep in mind that all 4 plans individually would cost you over $108 and you would not get any bonuses offered with packages. Also keep in mind there are ladies in my group paying $60-$72 per hour to work with me in person so online version of what I do in person is a lot less plus you still get one on one help from me in a private group.

If you have been waiting to get several plans on mega sale then this is the best time to do it plus get small group support on fb if you need that.

Existing customers who have PURCHASED three or more plans over the past five years are welcome to join YBFF Hotter n Summer fb group at no additional cost. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me here or on social media :)

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