woss equalizer 3000 suspension trainer review

by monica

The woss equalizer 3000 suspension trainer is a very affordable alternative to the professional exercise straps most personal trainers use but is it as good?

In this WOSS review and exercises video I share my 100% unbiased opinion on straps that I purchased for personal use and to give as gift. 5 really great things about WOSS suspension trainer:

1. Price is the reason I've been recommending these straps as a great alternative to other more expensive suspension trainer systems. At $39 you can buy 5 for the price of 1 TRX.

2. Attachments are included and allow you to anchor to ceiling, trees, poles and doors. The TRX professional I purchased in 2009 for $200 came with no attachments. Those are extra on TRX and range from $24 for a door anchor to $39 for ceiling mount which is ridiculous and the reason I figured out my own $6 alternative from the hardware store.

3. Strap width on the WOSS is noticeably narrow compared to the TRX which I was afraid would make the system less sturdy but actually made it easier to train on.

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4. Color options are awesome and range from neon pink like the one I got to camo or basic black blue red purple grey brown and olive.

5. Value doesn't mean just paying less for some cheap piece of junk that's going to fall apart in a few months and the WOSS is great quality for a great price which = great value!

Three not so great things about WOSS exercise straps:

1. Length is much longer than the TRX when both straps are shortened as much as possible. This makes certain exercises like jumps squats and leaping twist jumps very difficult to do.

2. Adjustment cam buckles are plastic not metal like the trx and they are a pain to adjust which slows down your workout.

3. Foot cradles are really rough and dig into your feet and heels when using the WOSS barefoot which you know I do quite often. The TRX foot cradles are slightly padded which is a very nice feature if you like to train or stretch barefoot.

As you can see in my video you can do everything on the WOSS that you can do on the TRX but the WOSS feels more streamlined and easier to train on with a variety of exercises. It's just as sturdy as the TRX without all the bulk. The only exercises I struggled to do efficiently were squat jumps other twisting jumps and splits. Doing aerial moves on these straps was actually much more enjoyable than on the bulky TRX.

I've been recommending this product for years without ever trying it so glad I finally got this one for my sister and tried it for a week before giving it to her because now I can highly recommend from personal experience instead of other great reviews I had read on amazon. I give the WOSS 4 stars! Get your WOSS suspension trainer at the ybff shop.

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