Best Workouts for Women Who Want A Lean Toned Body with Sexy Female Curves

There are thousands of workouts for women that you can choose from if your goal is a lean toned body with sexy female curves.  I've been working out consistently since I was 15 so I've tried hundreds of workouts and "exercises for women" and the sad truth is that many of them just don't work.

I've also tried more workout plans than I care to remember but it wasn't until I started venturing into manly "hardcore workout" territory that I learned why none of those "exercises for women" were that effective and most importantly why men's workouts were also not the answer.

I know from experience that what you hear most trainers saying is not true which is why I spent months creating a smarter workout plan that is challenging but also focused on getting women the body they want without compromising their female figure or their health.

All the workout on this site are the result of years of research and testing and combining different types of exercises and workouts so I could finally start getting the results that I wanted for myself and for my female clients too.

If you're tired of not getting the body you want and being told that "women can't bulk up" or that you need to "build lean muscle and get down to 10% body fat" to look toned and fit or worst that you need "hardcore man workouts" to get results then you're going to love all the workouts at YBFF!

Workouts for Women That Work Should Be Simple and Fun and accomplish 3 main things:

1. Burn Maximum Calories AND FAT - There is no benefit to calories burned without fat burning and there are soooo many workouts out there that only focus on the calorie burn without ever getting you into the real fat burning zone. Contrary to what you may have heard the fat burning zone isn't some magical place achieved by training at a certain heart rate. It's achieved with intense intervals and short recovery periods that force your body to start using fat as fuel. If you have a lot of fat to lose then you need high intensity interval training or metabolic conditioning often.  If you are closer to your ideal weight or bodyfat or you have a body type that loses fat easily then you need less HIIT.  Learning how to burn fat fast is actually very simple.

2. Be Challenging Yet Scalable - "If a system fails when you increase the work load then it's not scaling" Not exactly sure who wrote that but it's true for any system including your body which may be the most intricate system ever. A great workout plan should scale to your level so that you can increase the work load and still get results.  

This means you should be able to increase your weight, intensity, speed, and advanced movement patterns as the weeks go by without failing to get results. Your workouts should be customized to your female body types, goals, and fitness level so that you get a healthier leaner fitter body and so that the results are visible each week.  

3. Boost Vitality Not Deplete You - Have you noticed that the hardcore workout mentality is still going strong? It's hard not to want to join these workout mistakes loving cults but the truth is you don't need to "kill it" or "show up and throw up" or "feel the pain or no gain" to get results. An effective workout plan that gets results should not deplete you. It should be challenging but should also improve your body not harm it.

Try to remember that exercise is a type of stress that you are imposing on your body in order to increase fitness levels as well as health. There is good stress also known as eustress and bad stress also known as distress and you don't need to constantly distress your body to get your best female figure.   In fact distressing your system will only get the opposite result.

The Secret to Workouts for Women That Work Is So Simple!

The #1 secret to workouts for women that work is customizing a workout plan to your unique female body type and fitness goals and you can learn exactly how with any of my workout plans.