workout secrets to help you
Get your best figure faster

Trainer workout secrets also known as fitness hacks or training tweaks, can get you body makeover results in half the time or get you off a plateau instantly. 

There are dozens if not hundreds of secret workout tricks that many trainers only share with their top paying clients.  Below are 7 of mine that ALWAYS get clients exactly what they want:  THEIR BEST FIGURE FASTER!  If they are willing to get medieval with their workout ha ha...

Fitness hacks #1 Add Random Focused intervals

This dirty workout trick is great for anybody who is desperate to burn the fat fast.  Every time you train leave out 1 exercise from each circuit you're doing and perform random intervals of that exercise after each circuit.  So 2-4 rounds of your circuit without chosen exercise then follow it up with Tabata protocol of your chosen exercise (20 sec.  work 10 sec.  rest x 8) then continue with next circuit + intervals of singled out exercise and so on.  If your body has already adapted to Tabatas you can try a (45 sec. work 15 sec. rest x 4) interval which is incredibly challenging and really turns up the burn. 

Another interval protocol that I personally use when I need to lose extra fat for bikini time is the EMOTM protocol which means you perform 6-8 reps of exercises in a circuit every minute on the minute for a set amount of time usually 5-10 min.  This works best with circuits of no more than 4 exercises that are not overly complex like the video here from bodycon female fitness fatloss plan.

WOROUT SECRETS #2:  forget primal for a bit & go medieval!

You know I'm big into primal pattern movement, it's actually what every plan here at YBFF is based on, but your primal exercises can get a boost when you go middle ages with some medieval inspired movement (think Xena, Merlin, Tudors, Game of Thrones).  You don't actually have to take up swords or archery but mimicking those movements with your weights will really challenge your endurance, strength as well as core stability which means faster fatloss and toning results.  

The video here shows some circular movements patterns I add to my circuits with a ball when I need to challenge core & glutes more.   I also add overhead circles (halos) with weights ropes thera bands and sandbags when I want more of a challenge.  Get creative with lady warrior style movement but be sure to keep those back muscles engaged to protect shoulders and low back.   

WOROUT SECRETS #3:  Re-order your exercises

Your body is a master at adapting to everything you do but this doesn't mean you should just do a different workout every time you train.  Your body needs repetition in order to get stronger but repetition can be achieved with some variety so once you get comfortable with a circuit, switch up the order of exercises in a circuit or the order of your circuits. 

You'll still be reinforcing those movement patterns your body needs to get leaner and fitter but your body will feel more challenged because it has no idea what combination of exercises is next.  Just be careful not to fatigue weaker body parts before demanding total body movements to avoid injuries.

worout secrets #4:  vary the exercise every single time

There are hundreds of variations of each of the 7 basic movement patterns which means that if you know how to modify an exercise you can switch it every single circuit or every workout without going off your workout plan.  Like I mentioned in workout secret #2 you need to stick with your workout blueprint for a set amount of time because your body needs repetition but you can still challenge your body more by varying the exercise a bit. 

 For example the other day I had mountain climbers in my corset core workout so I performed a different version each round.   Check out the video here to see all the different ways you can modify a mountain climber.  Same exact movement pattern because you are bent over with hands on floor.  A big bonus of knowing how to modify an exercise many ways is you never get bored! 

WOROUT SECRETS #5:  skip the pre-workout snack

One of the biggest fatloss & fitness myths is that your metabolism needs a steady stream of food just to keep from shutting down and dying.  But if you think about this it makes absolutely no sense.  How is your body supposed to burn more calories and stored fat when you're constantly fed?  Your body actually has to be somewhat fasted to access those fat stores.

According to intermittent fasting expert Brad Pilon, who's researched this topic extensively, your metabolism isn't needy in terms of calories but what it does need is calorie depletion to burn stored fat.  So unless you're famished because you skipped a meal or you have some complicated blood sugar condition (most women don't) then don't eat for several hours before a workout.  This way your body uses that stored fat to fuel your workout.    

WOROUT SECRETS #6:  Train at different times of day

Are you a creature of habit when it comes to your training time?  Me too but every now and then when I feel a plan I'm on isn't getting me where I want to be fast enough I switch around my workout time.  I find that getting out of my comfortable workout time zone increases my focus which improves my exercise technique which boost the body makeover results I'm after that particular week or month.   

My preferred workout time is 5 p.m. and my least favorite is mornings unless it's hiking, walking or yoga.  Switching my booty core or total body training to mornings forces me to really get in the zone and makes my training more time efficient and focused.  I try this with my clients too when they're plateauing or slacking off and it works wonders for them too.

WOROUT SECRETS #7:  Postpone The Post Workout Meal

Another great strategy that will get your body lean and toned faster is to postpone your post workout meal for an hour.  So instead of hitting the smoothie bar or refueling right after you train wait for an hour or two if possible before eating. 

If you trained with intensity you should actually not be hungry because you activated all your flight/fight hormones that suppress appetite explains Ori Hofmekler author of The Anti Estrogenic Diet.   Contrary to what you read everywhere your muscles are not going to atrophy and your metabolism isn't going to shut down and die if you wait to eat.  

I try to wait at least one hour to eat post workout and often go on 8 miles hikes on an empty stomach.  This is one of the top reasons my body has stopped storing so much fat in the upper abs.  Some of my clients who use this strategy have been able to lose bodyfat in record time going from fitness range to athlete range in 3 weeks!

So now that you know all my best workout secrets for improving your body faster which one are you going to use first?  Start with just one or two that feel doable then work your way up to more challenging ones as soon as your body adapts.  You'll feel and see the changes within days guaranteed.