Workout Routines for Toning & Sculpting Sexy Female Curves!

The best workout routines for toning and sculpting a lean toned body with sexy female curves should:

  • Include both isolation and full body exercises
  • Burn calories, burn fat, and boost after burn
  • Build or maintain just enough lean muscle
  • Be simple, quick, dynamic and fun
  • Get you the results you want fast!

Below are some examples of workout routines for toning that cover the 5 important factors listed above. Be sure to read each video description for tips on the best exercises to sculpt a lean toned body fast.

Bootyliscious Butt Toning Exercises Fatloss Workout

The best workout routines for toning your booty need to reshape the muscle, maintain lean muscle and burn body fat in order to get that toned look.  Notice how the booty workout here includes both isolation and fat burning exercises that work the butt from many angles and that also burn tons of fat and calories. Not only does a workout like this burn more fat, it will help you firm, lift, tone, reshape, and makeover your butt without having to spend hours on butt toning.

Full Body Fatloss Toning Workout

Want to burn fat and tone up? The best way to do that is with full body exercises that target every inch of your body and burn fat for up to 48 hours post workout. Isolation workouts, the kind that involve working just one muscle at time, just don't do this and they're so time consuming too.

The workout in the video here targets every inch of your body including inner thighs, butt, arms, abs, thighs, and back and gets results much faster than hours of isolation work and long boring cardio.  Need more workouts like this?  Get started with bodycon female fitness plan.

Slim Waist Flat Toned Abs Exercises Workout

You've probably read this on other sites or in fitness magazines but the best way to slim your waist and get flat toned abs is not with crunches.  The best workout routines for toning the abs and getting a smaller waist are the dynamic ab workouts like the one in the video here.  Need more of this type of training?  Get started with corset core hourglass waist plan.

Not only does a workout routine like this burn ab fat and flatten your abs it strengthens your natural corset muscles also know as the TVA (transversus abdominis) which protect your back from injuries and pain.

Smarter Toning Workouts

Remember that getting a lean toned body faster is all about working out smarter with workout routines for toning that do more than just "tone". Getting that lean toned look requires lower body fat levels + lean muscle in the right places. This is much easier to accomplish than you think when you start working out smarter and not just longer and harder.