9 Common Workout Mistakes & Workout Fixes

Even the most experienced workout regular and exercise junkie will make workout mistakes that block fatloss and fitness results.  The reasons for this are so obvious to an outsider but not so obvious to you when you're training hard and frustrated with poor results from your workouts.

But don't worry the 9 quick workout tips are so easy and will boost everything from calories burned, to fatloss and toning results.

Top 9 Fitness Cliches Keeping You from Your Best Body Ever! Plus Quick Workout Fixes and Tips

Easy Workout Mistake - Taking it easy all the times is fine if you're recovering from a heart attack, cancer or have a serious illness that prevents you from dialing up the intensity. If you're healthy and have some level of conditioning then you must kick it up a few notches at least 3 times a week in order to boost fatloss and fitness results.

Faulty Movement Patterns - Are you guilty of speeding through reps, exercising with horrible technique, cheating on reps or poor posture during exercises? Not only does this literally block fatloss it trains dysfunction and sets you up for painful lifelong injuries that are much harder to fix. Don't just do it, do it right.

Hardcore Workout Mistake - Your workouts are so hardcore and extreme all the time that your poor body never has a chance to recover and you're symptoms of over-training are obvious to everybody but you. Try to remember that harder isn't better. Better is better and your body improves while it's repairing not while you're training. Focus on smarter not just harder workouts.

Lame Workout Mistake - If your workouts are so boring, not challenging and lacking of dynamic movement that you can actually read, watch a movie, or talk on the phone then you can expect no results ever. This is THE top mistake trainers notice at the gym and the top reason people need trainers. Get out of your lame workout rut with exercises that challenge your body, mind, and soul.

Marathon Workouts - You exercise for 2-3 hours at a time several days a week but you only seem to look flabbier or worst bulkier. The truth is you're not "putting on muscle" you're actually training your body to store fat. Long endurance workouts have been found to increase weight, appetite, and slow down metabolism. Focus on quality not just quantity. A good workout can take as little as 20-30 min.

No Workout Variety - The same old routine day in and day, out week after week, year after year only = one thing, the same body day in and day out, week after week, year after year. If you want to transform your body you must change up your workouts at least every 6-8 weeks or every 3-4 weeks if you've been exercising all your life.

Relying on Quick Workouts - You rely on quick workouts (10-15 min. long) every day to stay fit because you're so busy. The problem with this is your body adapts to any and all types of exercise so eventually this stops working. Nothing wrong with a quick fix workout but work in some longer training sessions 1-2 times per week to avoid plateaus and keep your body in fat burning mode.

Too Much Trouble Zone Exercise - All you do is train your trouble zones all the time which isn't a problem if you want to build a bulky muscular body like bodybuilders. But if your goal is to minimize your trouble zone then focus on full body fatloss workouts and work in some trouble zone exercise 1-2 times per week. Remember the more you work an area the bigger it gets (just look at bodybuilders).

Wrong Workout Plan - You're on a bodybuilder plan or on an endurance plan when all you really want is to lose fat, tone up, and look sexy. This is by far the biggest workout mistake that women over 40 make but the solution is easy! Lose the old school bodybuilding routine or the aerobics instructor routine and get busy with a fatloss and toning workout routine that is customized to your goal and your body type.