Set a meaningful workout intention to get your best figure &everything else you want from fitness

Feeling inspired to get your best body is one thing but staying committed to your best body routine when life gets complicated is a whole other story.  This is why setting a meaningful workout intention is so important for staying consistent even on days when you are not motivated so that you can get your best female figure and everything else you want from your health and fitness plan. 

Below are 5 important questions that can help you set a meaningful workout intention plus a visualization tip to follow if the answers are not coming to you easily.

Set a meaningful workout intention by answering these 5 simple questions:

  • How do you want to feel after during and after your workouts.  Did you answer good?  Well that would seem like the obvious answer right but for most people working out is about a lot more than just feeling good.  Sure many love the endorphin rush but the true feeling people seek from fitness can vary from feeling challenged competitively to feeling at peace to feeling empowered to take on the day to feeling happy and stress free.  It's totally o.k. to want ALL those things but there is always one primary feeling that each client I've ever worked with tends to want more than the others and knowing what that is makes showing up for your fitness routine [with the motivation necessary to get the results you want] that much easier!
  • What do you want your body to be able to do because of exercise.  Do you want to run a race or perform well in a sport or other activity that puts you in the spotlight?  Do you just want to not be in pain or be able to keep up with friends and family on long hikes or on adventure trips?  Maybe it's your job or gardening or volunteering for a physical job?  This question isn't that hard to answer if you just think about what activities you want to be able to do easily.  The answer to this question is key to setting meaningful workout intention that results in actions that get you to your body/life goals.   
  • Who do you want to inspire with your health and fitness?  Is it your family, friends, coworkers, client, or a certain community of people you belong to?  When you realize that your health and fitness behaviors can have a huge impact on other people in your life you are more likely to stick with positive changes because they've taken on a bigger meaning.  It's not just about your workout intention anymore but about the people your workout behavior influences daily.
  • Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?  Do you see yourself traveling to climb exciting mountains or flying on a trapeze like I did 4 years ago?  Do you see yourself performing on a stage or in a race like one of my clients who started acting after he lost 70 pounds of fat?  Do you see yourself going back to school and pursuing the career you always wanted to have before you became a stay at home mother like my 64 year old client who lost 40 pounds?  Being healthy and fit may make it easier to accomplish new tasks that will challenge you mentally and physically but also gives you the confidence you need to go after these life goals in the first place.
  • When will you know you reached your goal?  How will your life look like when you reach your life and body goals?  The more detailed you are in your description of this the more persistent you will be about keeping your body functioning at optimum to be able to reach this vision you have for yourself.  And this vision doesn't have to be grandiose either.  It just has to make sense to you and make YOU happy.

Visualization tip for answering the 5 workout intention questions:

Now if you're having a hard time answering the questions above then don't stress.  Instead create a vision board with life purpose images that you find inspiring (pic here is one of mine).  As I explained in my fitness vision boards article this goes beyond pasting images of "perfect" bodies or "ideal" body parts or material possessions on a blank canvas. 

Instead find images of things you want to feel or do in your life and start collecting them on Pinterest or on any other social media site that allows you to post images.  Notice the types of images you gravitate to most then seek

out more of the types of images that make you feel empowered or happy or inspired.  Your subconscious is always working to get you more of what you want so if you begin to focus on what really sets your heart and soul on fire you will be able to answer the questions above easily which will allow you to see what your true workout intentions for health and fitness are.  They are different for everybody and the more aware you are of yours the more motivated you will be to eat and train in a way that gets you what is in line with your heart and soul vs. what the fitness industry tells you is right for you.