Say no to workout excuses & learn to just do it daily

Are you the type of person who just can't seem to get around to exercising even though you really want to? Can you come up with at least 2 dozen workout excuses for not exercising most days of the week even though you know it's good for your health and it could help you look and feel better about yourself? Try the exercise excuse busters below to help you get moving and remember to use them daily! 

1.  I don’t have time:  The is the biggest b.s. cop out around.  Nobody has time not even hard bodies who train for a living or for competitions.  To have the time you need to start giving exercise the same priority as your other activities.  Schedule it in your planner. 

Free up some time by asking your family for help with housework.  Eat lunch at your desk and workout during your lunch hour.  Get up earlier a couple of times a week to do it.  Divide it up into three 10 minute segments a day.  If you are determined to get fit and stay fit you’ll make the time regardless of how busy your schedule is.  

2.  I’m too tired:  If you’re using this excuse then you have no idea what a rush and an energy booster exercise can be.  Exercise pumps you full of feel good endorphins and boosts metabolism so you feel more energized throughout the day.   The best way to get past this excuse is to start with a dynamic warmup and the foot in the door technique.  Just tell yourself that you’ll do just 10 min. and then if you’re still tired you’ll quit.  I guarantee that 9 times out of 10 you’ll want to keep going and feel so good you’ll make a habit of it sooner than you think.  

3. Family activities come first:  Everyone these days is home-schooling or working multiple jobs.  Then there’s your loving partner who may not be as enthusiastic about exercise and sometimes gives you a guilt trip about how much time you’re spending away (my ex husband was this guy).  And if this wasn’t enough your family friends neighbors uncle's cousins dog drop in every now and then to rob you of the little time you have left.  So include them in your plans. 

Maybe the YMCA nearby has activities that all family members can enjoy.  If you home-school then you should be teaching your kids fitness anyway so go for a walk together or start boot camp in your back yard and just have fun with it.  If your kids practice their sport on a field run laps around them. 

If they take martial arts or dance look into places that teach all age levels and join them.  Compromise with your partner and have him join you once in a while.  He’ll thank you for it.  Haven’t seen your mom in a while?  Invite her for a walk or a hike.  Walking outdoors is a great way to connect with someone you love

4.  The gym is inconvenient:  Who says you have to workout in a gym.  There are workout videos, resistance bands, fitness balls, free weights, walking or jogging around your neighborhood, and tons of other home fitness solutions.  You actually don’t even need any equipment to get started just some basic bodyweight moves then once you start getting in shape you can build a basic home gym with some of the affordable fitness equipment in pic here.  The best part of working out at home is how much time and money you save long term.

5.  Exercising is expensive:  If you decide to join a health club then yes it can be expensive to join but if your heart is set on a health club membership don’t let intimidating sales tactics get in the way of your fitness goals.  Call around for specials.  Of course if you choose to train at home with fitness gear, a workout plan or set of dvds that can range anywhere from $50-$150.  If this is your issue then don't get ahead of yourself yet.  I started with just 1 pair of adjustable dumbbells and a stability ball and it's taken me 10 years to accumulate all the gear I have now.  I invested in 1-2 pieces each year and now my home gym rocks!

6.  I’m embarrassed in front of others:  You don’t want to look like a fool in front of others or be the only normal woman in a room full of silicon inflated figure bimbos like the ones in the hilarious video below.  I totally get this and it's a legitimate excuse but don’t let it stop you from working out.  If you can’t motivate yourself to workout at home then make an effort to check out several health clubs until you find one where the people look like you (normal).  Places with names like Gold’s, Powerhouse, Crunch, Sports Club, is usually where all the bodybuilder chics go.  Ask friends and family about less intimidating places or do online research to find out.  

7.  Exercise is boring:  If you look at it that way then of course it is.  Change your mindset and you’ll be more likely to stick with it.  A good way to do this is to start thinking of exercise as a necessity because in reality it is.  The less you use your body the more trouble you’ll have and the more money you'll be spending on health care.  You can also think of exercise as stress relief since it counteracts all the stress hormones that cause you to store more fat and increases feel good hormones that boost mood.  Another good strategy is to distract yourself with awesome workout music or better yet find the best workout routine for your goals.  When you start seeing results fast your boredom will go out the window.

8.  It takes too long:  Some complain that it takes too long to workout while others complain that it takes too long to see results.  If your problem is the time factor there are plenty of quick workouts that are even more effective than 60 min. ones.  If your problem is wanting results yesterday then focus on short term goals like lifting a certain amount of weight within two weeks or fun exercise progressions like the one featured below.  When you accomplish smaller goals reward yourself with a new outfit, new shoes, a massage.  Whatever makes you happy.  This takes your mind off the end results and before you know it you’re looking better than you imagined. 

9.  I’m injured:  Plenty of people get into car accidents, break a leg, tear a ligament, hurt their back, or worst.  It's happened to me several times but this doesn’t stop the most committed from getting/staying in shape.  If you are hurt or injured talk to your doctor about what you CAN and can’t do.  You may not be as limited as you think and exercising could help you heal faster.  This is especially true for people with low back pain.  If your doctor is not very informed or supportive you can talk to a trainer with a specialty certification in injury rehabilitation.  There are plenty out there who know safe and effective ways to get injured people back in shape.