Body type workout blueprint tips & hourglass minute superset workout

One of the most important things you'll learn from any ybff plan is how to adjust your workout routine to create your own customized body type workout blueprint that gets you the fitness results and body shape you desire.  All women fit into 4 main body type categories BUT there is still a lot 

of variety within those 4 categories so the more you track what's happening as you train each week the better you'll get at adjusting your routine for your best body.  Below is a quick example using my own body so you can get an idea of how this works.

body type workout blueprint tips for your best body  

#1:  Identify exactly the body you have right NOW and your training situation.  Knowing this is key to creating a weekly routine that works for your body and your life.  For example my situation is:

body type: ruler with cone tendencies due 30 years of dance bodyweight and gym workouts

fitness level: intermediate to advanced on most movement patterns

limitations or challenges:  dance injuries that create the appearance of a bulky core and flat butt when posture is out of balance

training frequency:  5-7 days  per week with 2-3 of those days focused on burlesque dance and yoga

#2:  Describe your goal in a very specific measurable way.  Knowing exactly what you want the workout outcome to be guides you to make better training choices.  Saying you want to look more curvy isn't enough.  Be more specific.  For example my previous goal was to:

Increase 1.5 inch on hips (which is really the glute muscles), decrease one inch around waist, maintain bra cup size at a B, burn 2% excess body fat to reveal more muscularity on arms and legs and so waist look more defined and abs look more hollow not muscular.  Also to improve shoulder alignment to create taller leaner appearance.  

#3:  Focus on achieving the right frequency with the right workouts to get your current body (#1) to your goal (#2).   Knowing what workouts you should do each week takes all the guess work and frustration out of training for a specific body goal.  For example:

day 1:  bodycon metcon cut down to 10 min. to prevent core bulking

day 2:  pilates class + posture correction exercises focused on shoulder alignment and waist cinching

day 3:  butt & legs with max weight at slow tempo NO fat burning intervals of any kind

day 4:  burlesque dance practice & yoga stretches

day 5:  posture correction circuit and quick focused dynamic glute & core activation like video here.  Notice how I'm only doing two supersets of 2 core exercises per week. 

That is ALL my body type needs right now otherwise I start bulking up in the waist because I do bodycon metcon on Mondays and I'm also teaching Pilates for an hour on Tuesdays plus all the burlesque dance I'm doing right now involves dynamic plank style moves.

day 6:  upper body with lighter weight at faster tempo for fat burning agility speed power plus heavy lower body training at slow pace

day 7: burlesque dance practice & yoga stretches

Now your weekly workout blueprint doesn't have to be this involved because you're not going to be burlesque dancing in a tiny costume on stage for dozens of rowdy nightclub patrons but this gives you an idea of how flexible ybff plan is and how it allows you to create your best workout routine for YOUR best body.    

So the body type workout blueprints provided in the plans are only a guideline to get you started.  Once you start the circuits and you see how your body is responding you can cut back or increase the frequency of certain circuits or add in other circuits to create a routine that works best for YOUR body and goal.  In other words you learn how to train in a way that is right for you not for me or some other fitness person online.  Got questions about this?  Feel free to ask me using the form on this page.