workout to look sickening and make them eat it!

by monica

People who hang out online or people you work with think they have the right to insult you for the way you look when they have no idea what is going on in your life or with your body. If you've ever been bullied for your appearance even though you were doing your best at the time I TOTALLY get where you're coming from...

I had been struggling with injuries from 2007 through 2010. So much that it was preventing me from getting the results I wanted from my workouts.

During that time a client who had no idea what I was going through (because I don't talk about my problems at work) told me I looked like a fat Brittney Spears. True but totally uncalled for. A co-worker who turned out to be a real hater point blank told me I was fat compared to all the other youtube fitness women with sites like mine and I should get on a low carb diet or something. A trainer who wanted to interview me for his site and got mad when I declined called me a fat mom with a lame fitness site. People can be so nasty and if you work online like I do you need to be tough as hell to not let it all get to you.

The thing is I knew why I was struggling with my bodyfat and fitness results. I knew the big mistakes I was making and it wasn't my eating or my lack of workout intensity or my lack of motivation either. I probably workout more than most people, been eating an 80/20 diet for years and was training with as much intensity as I could. I've BEEN doing it since I was born.

It was when I decided to do as my favorite drag queen says that I finally started healing my injuries and getting the fitness results I wanted to get. More on all that some other time. In the mean time check out my slideshow below to see my before and after pics. The only workout plans I used all year were Your Best Female Figure and Brazil Butt Lift. Check out my about page if you want to see some before/after pics.

"It's o.k. to make mistakes. It's o.k. to fall down but get up look sickening and make them eat it!" Latrice Royale, Ru Paul Drag Race

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