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by monica

Need help figuring out a weekly schedule for your best female figure workouts? Here's 5 simple tips that will save you time and get you results faster.

1. Plan your workout week ahead of time in your planner, a notebook, or any type of calendar (print a workout calendar here). Every workout plan here at BFF comes with a set of workouts that you need to do a certain number of times per week for your unique body type but it doesn't matter what days you do them or if you combine several circuits into short or longer workout as long as you get all the workouts done each week.

2. Vary your workout times as much as you want. Some days you may find that you have the energy or desire to exercise for 45-60 min. others you may only feel like doing 20-30 min. Do what works for your body, your lifestyle and your goals. The circuits in all the workout plans here are approximately 15-25 min. so that you an mix and match them to your needs.

3. Include a warm-up and cool down every time you train. The minimum amount of time for both is 5 min. at the beginning and 5 min. at the end which extends your workout time but will help you have better exercise technique, better endurance, be more time efficient during workout circuits and get you a better body faster.

4. Feel free to substitute exercises that are not working for you for ones that do. Every exercise in the plan has various modifications but even those may not work for you so instead of just skipping an exercise switch it out for a similar one from another circuit in the plan that works better for your body.

5. Focus on improving your fitness level not on doing more. If your body can't handle the amount of reps or circuits suggested then scale it back to something you can handle as long as you are working to improve each week you WILL see visible improvements and be able to train longer and harder as you get fitter and leaner.

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thighs building up faster than bum
by: Anonymous

Ok, I'm probably just being silly here, but I've been doing the best butt program for 2 weeks, and I swear my thighs are building up faster than my bum! What do you suggest?

tips for building more booty less thighs
by: monica

Your question is an interesting one because none of the exercises in the first two weeks of LYB circuits target the thighs. All 9 exercises in those two circuits target the glute muscles directly and require minimal assistance from the thighs. If you're feeling your thighs doing the work focus on better technique so your butt does 90% of the work. When I do these circuits my butt kills and my thighs feel nothing.

If you're having trouble with this try my glute activation exercises. Your thighs may be doing all the work because your glute muscles are not functioning properly due to posture imbalances.

But even booty muscle not working due to poor technique or posture issues the only possible way any woman could get bigger thighs with these circuits is if she was naturally a mesomorph and using a lot of weight with some of the exercises (25 lb dumbbells of higher) for a lot of reps for a lot of rounds on a daily basis.

If you are a meso (naturally muscular) who gets ripped just looking at a weight (the way some women gain fat looking at a cupcake) then dial down the weight, reps, sets and even the frequency of those circuits so you're only doing them once a week and also set a time limit for every circuit so that each workout feels like cardio and not like weight lifting. You should be getting through these circuits quickly and they should feel like more like fatloss training vs. muscle building.

On days when you're not doing LYB circuits focus on upper body, core and cardio that doesn't build up the quads (so you would be on the triangle schedule). If you are combining this plan with other workouts be sure those workouts do not involve a ton of squatting, burpees, front to back lunging or any form of cardio that demands a lot of leg muscle (spin class, cycling, biking, stairmaster, stair sprints, etc.).

The last thing to look into is if you're eating right for your metabolic type. Most women who bulk up from exercise are eating the wrong combinations of fuels so that bulk you're feeling may be excess fat that your body isn't burning because your metabolism isn't functioning at optimum. This is very common among women and super easy to fix by taking a metabolic typing test then adjusting your ratios of carbs to protein to fat accordingly. I used to train super hard and because I was eating low carb/paleo my legs and core would not get lean which made my butt look smaller than it really was. Once I switched to a carb type eating schedule the bulk just started coming off like crazy and the booty started looking rounder.

Hope all this helps and be sure to always be adjusting things to your body. The variables guide in the plan plus eating plans that come with LYB have tons of tips on how to do this.

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