Women circuit training tips for Fatloss Toning & sexy curves

Have you noticed that most workout videos and articles at YBFF include circuits?  All the reasons circuits are great for getting your best female figure plus some women circuit training tips to get your sexiest body even faster below....

Why sticking with Circuit training for women is a smart choice...

Builds lean curves:  The most awesome benefit of circuit training is that you can improve all areas of fitness without bulking up.  Circuit training is not the best way to build huge bulky muscles which is why bodybuilder chics only do it when they're trying to get lean for competitions. 

Boosts cardio endurance: Because you're constantly moving a circuit provides cardio benefits similar to a moderate or high intensity cardio workout.  It also improves muscular endurance for those other workouts that may require you to lift more weight to add muscle i.e. booty exercises with heavier db.

Boosts bodyfat & toning:  In order to melt fat off your body you need both increased fat burning and calorie burning.  Believe it or not these two are not synonymous.  A person can burn a lot of calories without burning a lot of fat and a person could burn fat without burning a lot of calories.  This all depends on the right duration and the right intensity.  Circuit training makes getting this right a lot easier.

Strengthens for daily life:  Circuit training is not the best way to build the kind of strength that would allow you to deadlift and press heavy at some power lifting competition but it builds functional strength for the things most women need to be strong for like lifting kids, leash training heavy pets, moving furniture, carrying heavy boxes,  yard work, gardening, etc.

Keeps workouts fun:  When you're constantly moving from one exercise to the next you don't really have time to get bored and because circuits allow you to incorporate all types of dynamic exercises you can mix things up many different ways while still sticking to a structured fitness routine which makes staying consistent easy and enjoyable.

Saves time and money:  One of the most rewarding things about circuit training is it allows you to strengthen and tone every inch of your body while doing cardio so you don't have to spend 2 hours in the gym every day.  Even if you're efficient at the gym, going there involves spending money and other time wasting activities such as packing clothes/shower stuff/snacks, driving time, checking in, finding locker, waiting for machines, dirty gym showers, etc.  Circuit training at home is easy, cheap, and fast!

Improves athletic performance:  Did you know that sports that require athletes to be super fit and lean rely heavily on circuit training to maintain athletic conditioning?  Not only do circuits allow for time to improve all 9 components of fitness they allow for improvements in sports performance without over training or added injuries.

Women circuit training options & tips

superset - 2 exercises performed back to back then after a very quick break you repeat anywhere from 2-3 more times.

tri-set - 3 exercises performed back to back then after a very quick break you repeat anywhere from 2-3 more times.

giant set - 4 or more exercises performed back to back then after a minute break you can repeat 1-2 more times.  If doing more than 12 exercises then you would only do a giant set once.

targeted set - a circuit that focuses primarily on one body part even if the exercises in the circuit are complex moves that use other muscle groups.  For example core circuits works mostly core but may also work butt legs and arms indirectly.

staggered set - a circuit that focuses on 1-2 body parts with a random exercise thrown in for an area of the body that needs extra work.  For example leg circuit plus 1 core or upper body move.

how to combine your best female figure circuits for better results

Every fitness plan here includes a suggested circuit schedule for your body type but you can adjust each schedule to your lifestyle as well as combine each schedule with other workouts you need to do or enjoy doing each week. 

One example of this that I've shared on facebook is combining Love Your Booty with Corset Core Hourglass Waist circuits or with Bodycon Metcon circuits each week.  If you look at both schedules you may think it's a lot of circuits to fit into a week but in reality most circuits from all fitness plans here are fairly quick so even if you are following each schedule as outlined you would not be spending more than 35-55 min. a day training which in reality is the amount of time that MOST women prefer to workout. 

Believe it or not women who enjoy exercising wan to do more than the bare minimum of 10 min. a day of exercise and plenty of women I've met over the years actually ENJOY exercise.  In my 19 years of working with clients and surveying dozens of consistent exercisers on all 5 of my websites over the years, I discovered that not many women enjoy those quickie frenetic beast workouts you see all over youtube.