Why you need to pass on the 10% bodyfat workout fad

by monica

don't be fooled by the S10 fad it's borderline pro-anorexia disguised as fitness

don't be fooled by the S10 fad it's borderline pro-anorexia disguised as fitness

don't be fooled by the S10 fad it's borderline pro-anorexia disguised as fitness

Move over insanity, crossfit, acroyoga, and hurdling through rings of fire spartan races there's a new fitness fad on the market promising extreme results that's even more dangerous crazy and ridiculous! It's 10% bodyfat training that leaves you with a thigh gap the width of a stability ball.

Now usually I reserve my rants for facebook but this fad is so stupid it deserves it's own blog post. But don't worry it's a short one and can be summed up in four words. Just don't do it; especially if your goal is to sculpt a body with sexy curves.

It doesn't matter how desperate you are to get excess fat off your body so that you can start focusing on sculpting a curvier figure. Going to extremes like this can cause you to permanently LOOSE any boobs you do have and can make re-building a curvy sexy booty a real uphill battle. If you are struggling with excess fat and your goal is to look leaner toned and curvalicious then just stick with bodyconmetcon style circuits. The bodyfat will come down to a healthy fitness level quickly but the result will be a lean toned curvy sexy body instead of a curveless anorexic looking toned body.

So who is the 10% fad for? It's for mentally unstable women who are borderline proana. In case you have no idea what proana stands for it means pro-anorexia (pic of girl above) and if you do any kind of searches online or on social networks you can find more pics of the type of women/celebs who find this type of disorder appealing. The FACT is 10% bodyfat is NOT healthy. It's extreme and maintaining it would most definitely be a detriment to your health, strength mental and emotional well being. Anybody who argues otherwise is already in need of psychological intervention.

The reality is that maintaining fitness level bodyfat is easy natural healthy AND SEXY but there are still plenty of unscrupulous self proclaimed "fitness experts" out there who will try to convince you otherwise just to make a million bucks off desperate women. Don't buy into their baloney and just stick with what's always worked: balanced workouts that boost your health your natural beauty and your self esteem too.

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