why the typical modified lady in fitness can't be a sexy ybff woman

by monica

Not sure if you've seen the comedy workout video called modified but it is hilarious parody of what most people think it means to modify an exercise. Basically sit down in class and have a sandwich and beer instead hahaha! But let's talk seriously for a bit about how that kind of attitude is so prevalent these days and why you can't afford to think that way or you'll never ever reach even an intermediate level of fitness or effortless weight maintenance or most importantly a super healthy lifestyle.

If you work hard to modify to your level and still push yourself then obviously this blog post is not for you but maybe you should read it any way just in case you ever do experience this level of excuse making that isn't just a funny video but a reality of my work life.

So let's say your kneeses (as they say in the video) are busted from years of abuse so instead of doing squats or lunges you do as you please and just stand there or worst sit and do nothing while eating a donut just like the woman in the video or like some of my clients who cancel sessions a regular basis because "I'm a bit sore" (eyes rolling in back of my head now).

The point of modifying isn't to just do nothing or to take the easy exercise route and do what makes you happy. Let's be honest here and just agree that isn't really any kind of exercise routine that is going improve your health your fitness or your aches and pains.
What modification actually means is finding a similar movement pattern or style of exercises that is pushes your body in a safe way without aggravating old injuries or existing health issues.

This doesn't mean taking it easy it still means pushing yourself just in a different way. So maybe if aerobics movement like Zumba or super heavy lifting bothers your body it's time to get more functional and start exploring ways your body CAN improve with healing movement that is also challenging.

The point with modification is to train effectively without pain and to build the body back up so that one day maybe you CAN DO the stuff you are currently modifying due to your current condition or issues. That is in fact what I did when I had middle aged hip bursitis and it's what I've done with my middle aged shoulder/neck issues. Not once did I ever just kick back and have a freakin cocktail while pretending to challenge my body.

Never forget that you don't get to have health, fitness, energy, and look sexy as hell by acting like the typical middle aged lady who modifies everything to the point where it does absolutely nothing. You either want it and work to get it or you want it and pretend to get it but never do. That is just reality!

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