why password protected content and private videos

by monica

Wondering why both my sites have password protected content and private videos? The reasons are many but before I explain I just want to share that only 3 pages are password protected and ALL passwords are emailed regularly to subscribers especially if they are changed. If you can't get into a page make sure you're using the right password. This requires actually reading the emails I send.

So here's why I password protect my stuff and make some of my videos private:

Reason #1: Plagiarism otherwise known as intellectual property theft. I'm sick and tired of people lifting entire articles off my site and posting them on their crappy blogs and sites for profit.

I work super hard on creating original articles, workouts and videos and to have dumb trainers or fitness marketers just stealing my intellectual property so they can get traffic or sell awful fitness products is just ridiculous.

I recently had to submit 3 takedown requests through google to have several sites taken out of search results because they had stolen entire articles and workouts from my sites/ebooks. It took a few months but those sites have been removed from search results. Victory for me but so frakin annoying and time consuming so I decided to start protecting some of my copyrighted content from thieving jerks.

Reason #2: Perverts who have some kind of weird fitness fetish and feel the need to post lewd comments on videos. I'm sorry but I'm not some ex porn star bimbo or bikini model wannabe who enjoys filthy comments from men or teenage boys.

Some fitness experts live for this kind of garbage but I don't care for it and I film all my videos to help women to get healthy and fit plus my burlesque dance videos are only for women who want to have fun and feel sexy and empowered about their body shape.

Reason #3: Dumb fitness gurus with a $99 certification who have no clue how to design workouts and are even more clueless about what to write on their lame blogs.

Seems like everything I was writing a few months back ended up on a handful of fairly well known fitness site blogs; not copied but paraphrased which is pretty much the equivalent of plagiarism just on a more subtle level.

I'm not going to make it easy for these idiots (some of them happen to be women) to continue stealing my original ideas. If they can't think up their own original content then they need to go to college or take a course of some kind or get out of the business of creating content.

If passwords annoy you then rest assured they annoy me more but unfortunately that is how it has to be. We actually considered running a paid site but didn't want to do that so this is the best compromise and really entering a password on a few pages isn't that much work to get tons of awesome stuff you will never see on any other sites : )

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