which fitness plan is best for me?

by Lisa

I am a ruler or could be a inverted triangle at times. I want a smaller waist, bigger booty and to make sure my shoulders and arms stay slim. Im overwhelmed by all the info on your site...but think this is the best site I have found! Which fitness plans are good for me?

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ybff plan best for getting started
by: monica

Hi Lisa, Thanks for posting your question. Choosing the right plan is definitely the first step to getting exactly the results you want for your body from your time spent exercising.

If all the info on the site seems overwhelming then I recommend you start with Your Best Female Figure plan It's a great starter fitness plan for anybody wanting to learn the basics of how to customize a workout routine for particular body type.

All you have to do is follow the schedule for your body type plus the workouts are super simple and easy to follow either with ebook or with videos.

This is the plan that helped me get to my best body in 2012 and it's always the plan I go back to if I've been doing a lot of filming for bodycon metcon which always gets me leaner than I like to be.

YBFF always puts the curves back where they belong because it's not a very aggressive plan in terms of fatloss. It provides just the right ratio of fat burning, booty curve sculpting and leaning out of any body parts that tend to build up to fast (in your case the upper body for others the legs and for some just all over).

If you are pretty sure you're going to want to transition to a more advanced booty building plan after YBFF plan then I would recommend you get Love Your Booty instead. That plan comes with YBFF plan which I would recommend you do first. It also comes with Corset Core plus a few other bonuses for just $13 more.

Most people who buy my fitness plans end up getting all 4 anyway so just mentioning this to you to save you time and money.

Either way if you decide to get started with YBFF plan then later decide you want an upgrade you can always send a request through the customer service contact for an upgrade and I can just send a paypal invoice then email you the upgrade since I will already have your email from a previous purchase.

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