what not to do to get your best female figure

by monica

what NOT to do to get a sexy feminine waist and prevent thick muscular man torso like top left pic

what NOT to do to get a sexy feminine waist and prevent thick muscular man torso like top left pic

Women usually want to know what to do to get a fit toned sexy body but what NOT to do is just as important and will help you get results without stress or having your entire life revolve around fitness because a lean toned sexy body shouldn't feel like a full time job especially if you're fit.

1. Don't cut out healthy carbs & healthy fats from your diet. Low carb and low fat is a strategy that works best for bodybuilder chics who are trying to lose MOST of their bodyfat. If your goal is to look lean toned AND curvalicious and you want to avoid looking like an anatomy pic (all muscle) then you need to maintain a higher level of bodyfat than figure or bodybuilder chics and you do that by eating fruits, healthy grains and plenty of healthy fats on a daily basis. This is one of the biggest advantages of training for a sexy feminine figure vs. a ripped athletic figure. You can actually eat like a normal woman and you CAN have healthy carbs and fats daily (maybe even several times a day depending on your metabolic type) and never feel guilty about it ever!

2. Don't just do random workouts each week and then expect to get the body of your dreams. There are countless fitness blogs, youtube fitness channels, and women's magazines offering free workouts daily but if you want a specific result from your workouts you can not afford to do free random workouts that you find all over the place. You must commit to some type of workout plan for 4-12 weeks and most importantly you need to learn how to tweak that plan to work to your advantage. If you take the free buffet approach to training you will NEVER get the results you're after no matter how hard or how long or how much you exercise.

3. Don't do high intensity interval training more than 3-4 times a week. I mentioned this in a previous blog post but it's worth mentioning again because lately HIIT workouts and metcon fatloss training is everywhere which is great if you're overweight and need more of that type of training but not so great if you are already at your desired weight and bodyfat level and you're goal is reshaping your body type a bit. This is especially important if you're a cone or ruler body type because too much HIIT = little boy body not sexy female figure. Leave the fatloss training to the women who actually have fat to lose. You got better things to do with your time like Corset Core Training or Booty Training.

4. Don't exercise and eat clean to be the best at exercising and eating clean. I don't know when this happened but clean eating and exercising have crossed over into obsessive compulsive behaviors and the truth is that having your entire life revolve around clean eating and exercise is NOT healthy. It may be a sport for some but if you're a normal woman who is just trying to look her best your entire life should not revolve around your fitness routine or your clean eating schedule. Exercise and healthy eating are supposed to be simple and a way to live a healthier happier life in a body you love. They are a means to an end and not the actual goal.

5. Don't listen to fitness chics who are obsessed with their ripped abs or building huge visible muscles. Seriously if you wanted to learn how to invest your money would you ask a person who was broke? If you wanted to learn about home repair would you go ask a dentist to show you how? If your goal is to sculpt a fit toned sexy body naturally - meaning without the help of steroids or obsessive compulsive dieting or hour long workouts twice a day with super heavy weight and with dozens of supplements that can harm your body permanently - then you need to stop listening to people who don't have what you want naturally. It's a waste of your time to do what they do because they don't train to look feminine. They train to look muscular and ripped at ALL costs. They sacrifice their health, sanity, all their time, money, AND natural feminine curves too. Don't bother with what those girls do to get their square man torsos with fake boobies. You're a real woman who just wants real curves naturally : )

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Nov 08, 2013
Thumbs up!
by: cupcake

Wonderful article and advice! I find it so discouraging to flip through fitness magazines and see women who are ripped,touting diets of whey shakes, plates of eggs, and handfuls of supplements...all topped off with plastic boobs and spray tans. This just isn't the body I want to achieve. Thank you for offering the help I have been looking for! :)

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