what dynamic exercises will transform your unique body type?

by monica

Of the thousands of dynamic exercises that you can do, most are good for your body but some will work better than others to help you reshape your unique body type. So how do you know what exercises to do more frequently and which ones you need minimally.

The trouble is that so many exercises look the same because all movement comes from the 7 basic movement patterns (squat, lunge, push, pull, bend, twist, and locomotion) but if you listen to my video narrations and pay attention to how an exercise feels when you're doing it you'll soon learn how two exercises that look virtually the same are actually quite different.

A dumbbell swing for example when executed correctly works your deep abs, back of thighs and butt muscles primarily. The front of your thighs arms and shoulders should not do much work.

A dumbbell squat to front raise on the other hand does not involve swinging so the movement comes from the front of the thighs and the lifting of the weight is performed by the shoulders and arms. In this exercise the core and butt are not primary movers and working mainly as stabilizers.

Below is another example of 3 moves that some women think look the same but they all work different primary movers and utilize the core butt leg and arm muscles differently.

Knowing what exercises do and how they work your body is key to making better modifications to all your workouts so you get the body reshaping results you want.

Just following the latest workout of the day on the trendiest fitness blogs or sites on the other hand just doesn't work for most women especially if you've already been exercising for a while and not getting exactly the results you want.

Reshaping your body and getting it to look the way you want requires some thinking and planning on your part and the more you learn about how to train your body the easier it will be to get the body you want.

If you need to learn more about what exercises do and which ones you need more of to get your best female figure be sure to get started with any of the workout plans available here at BFF.

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