Simple Body Makeover & Weight Loss Transformation Tips That Work!

A total body makeover is so much easier to accomplish when you focus your efforts on three simple tips that work on all body types. These are the top secret fitness strategies that all the best body and weight loss transformation experts use to get their clients results fast and the best part about using these simple tips is they prevent plateaus, frustration, and weight rebounding.

Eat Right for Your Body Type: Metabolic Typing

Eating for your body type is not a new concept but has been growing in popularity since the late nineties.  It addresses your body or weight loss transformation issues from the inside out. So when you start eating the foods that are right for your body type (also known as your metabolic type) your body begins transforming from the inside out by using all that stored fat to fuel your smarter workouts.

The most interesting result you get from eating for your body type is effortless appetite control and reduced cravings which makes it easier to maintain your results for life.

There are plenty of books on metabolic typing but one way to fine tune your eating easily is with carb cycling which teaches you how to fine tune your carb, protein and fat intake more gradually.  

Set Up Accountability Systems: Diet Journals Online or Offline

In addition to following the right eating plan and workout plan for your body you must also set up various forms of accountability in order to stay on track.

If you've set a 6-8 week deadline (or any other deadline) for achieving your body makeover or weight loss transformation then it's important that you track your progress and report it to others or at least report it to yourself in a journal.

This teaches you how to hold yourself accountable for your actions.

Eventually this becomes internalized which means your customized plan becomes part of your lifestyle which means easy weight management and no weight rebounding (regaining of weight or fat) ever again!

Every single client I ever worked with received a copy of I Will Lose Weight This Time! Diet Journal by Alex Lluch which I reviewed at least once a week but you don't really need a trainer to do this for you. If you learn to do this for yourself you will soon find out that writing things down makes a huge difference in your unhealthy behaviors that are holding you back from getting your best body ever.

Workout Smarter Not Just Harder or Longer: Why This Is Key!

More or harder exercise is not the only solution to your trouble zones or stubborn fat issues. In fact working out longer and harder ALL the time can plateau your body and keep it on that plateau for weeks or months or years. Have you ever met people who run several miles a day or do hours of aerobics and strength training daily but their bodies never change?

This problem is very common so chances are you know somebody or ARE somebody who exercises a lot and still can't achieve your body makeover goals. If you want to get your best body ever fast be sure to customize your fitness routine to your body type.

Watch the video here where I discuss why I struggled for 18 months to lose weight and fat even though I have always been thin and fit.  It was only when I switched from generic workouts to smarter customized workouts that I started getting better results from my workouts and healthy eating.  Had I done this from the start my weight loss transformation would have been much easier and faster.