3 Simple Steps to Finally Becoming A Weight Loss Before and After Story

Tired of waiting for your weight loss before and after story to finally be a reality? Are you starting to feel envy instead of motivation by other people's weight loss success story?

What you're experiencing is normal and it happens to most successful losers but you can tell your own story sooner than you think if you follow 3 simple steps that work with any healthy eating and fitness plan.

Weight Loss Before and After Tip #1:  Don't Wing It!  Leave Nothing to Chance

If you're weight loss story currently sounds more like a failure than a success then chances are you are leaving too many things to chance which means you're winging everything from meals and workouts, to sleep and stress management and more.

Winging it means that you allow your daily routine to dictate what you will eat, whether you will get exercise, how much sleep you get, how you manage stress, etc. You can't afford to leave anything to chance so be sure to plan ahead and make your life fit your goals. Your success story won't happen unless you're willing to do this first.

Weight Loss Before and After Tip #2:  Get Some Type of Support That Is Motivating to You

Nobody can do it alone and if you've watched an episode of Biggest Loser then you know how much support is needed sometimes to make weight loss a reality. You don't have to join some diet center or over priced crazy boot camp to get support. 

There are plenty of places to get support including sites, forums, co-workers, group fitness, or online trainers and coaches. Having support can mean the difference between going for a walk to relieve stress or eating an entire cake to relieve stress. It can also help you find solutions for tricky situations like how to plan ahead for parties, restaurant eating, or a visit from the relatives from hell.

I had no support when I started losing my post pregnancy fat and my ex-husband was constantly sabotaging both my diet and workouts so I switched to a gym closer to home, got a trainer for a few sessions and then started chatting with like minded people in forums and that made a huge difference for me. 

My favorite type of support for the past couple of years is subscribing to newsletter or youtube channels or fb feeds that feature tons of healthy content and practical motivation.

Are you on fb? Like Your Best Female Figure and get tons of daily motivation including healthy meal pics, 3 second exercise videos, and so much more.

Are you on youtube often? Subscribe to Your Best Female Figure channel for tons of exercise videos that are fun, helpful, and motivating.

Weight Loss Before and After Tip #3:  Avoid Getting Married to Your Weightloss diet or exercise routine...

Following a healthy eating and exercise plan is key to losing weight but what happens to many women when they plateau is they ignore their body's signals to change things up.

Maybe you need more strength training and less cardio or more recovery activity and less hardcore training.  Maybe you need more whole grain carbs and less protein or more real food and less diet food or less calories and more nutrient dense foods.

If you're on a plateau then chances are something needs to change big time!  Pay attention to your body cues and don't be afraid to breakup with a weight loss eating plan or exercise routine that isn't working anymore. 4-8 weeks is about enough time on a plateau. If you're on one longer than this then it's time for something very different.

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