weight gain and body shape tips for too skinny

by Seçil

Hello, I am 5'4 102 lbs with an inverted triangle body shape. Because so many people are trying to lose weight, a lot of the sites I've been looking at all talk about trimming your waist line or burning fat which is exactly the OPPOSITE of what I'm trying to do! Any suggestions on how I can gain weight and also balance my body shape ?

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Aug 13, 2015
sensible weight gain tips for skinny body type
by: monica

Hi Secil thanks so much for posting your question. Once upon a time I too was just shy of 5'4" and 103 lb. I was able to gain 15 lb of weight in a little over 1 year with basic weight lifting and slightly more calories than I had been eating in my teens. So gaining some weight and curves is not as hard as you may think it just takes a completely different approach than what you see on most women's sites. I'll try to keep it simple so you can follow this for 4-6 months then you can adjust from there :)

1. Forget about HIIT workouts or circuits or most of the stuff you see on most youtube channels. If you want to gain muscle weight with a modest amount of fat weight for sexy curves you need to train more like a bodybuilder so:

day 1: 30 min. of legs exercises

day 2: 30 min. back and triceps

day 3: 30 min. butt and core

day 4: any type of moderate intensity cardio

day 5: 30 min. chest and biceps

day 6: stretching or any other recovery activity

day 7: any type of moderate intensity cardio

Your goal should be 5 min. warmup 20-30 min. various exercises for that day's body parts. Aim for 2-3 sets of 6-10 reps of each with moderately heavy weight and increasing that weight slightly each week you train. This alone will get sexy lean muscle on your body fairly quickly and you WILL be able to see that your body looks more shapely and less skinny. You will know you're doing it right when your skinny clothes start to fit too tight so you may need to start buying the next size up which is a weird feeling but you will look more filled out so you will like it :)

If you need a fitness plan YBFF plan CAN work as a weight gain plan. The workouts are actually split into body parts and all you would have to do is not do them as circuits.

2. Forget about dieting! Skinny girls can afford to eat more but the quality of the food you eat matters A LOT when you're trying to gain weight. If you want all the weight lifting to add lean muscle without adding unwanted bodyfat on the waist or other trouble zones (every skinny girl has trouble zones too) then choose natural over processed foods as ofen as possible and eat balanced mini meals 4-6 times per day. So for example:

meal 1: 1 slice whole grain bread, 2 eggs veggie omelette

meal 2: cottage cheese or cheese stick with 1 piece of fruit and nuts or protein shake made with chia water or yogurt and fruits whey protein powder and fats like pb or almond butter or avocado (lots of recipes you can find for natural gainer shakes online)

meal 3: hummus veggies with healthy crackers or pita bread

meal 4: sweet potato or rice or pasta with chicken fish or beef plus veggie salad

meal 5: yogurt with nuts and fruit and spoonful of protein powder thrown in there if you feel like more protein

Once you start gaining you can cut back a bit on starchy carbs fats or protein so you can adjust to maintain whatever weight you like. If you need help with meal ideas YBFF plan comes with an eating guide that you can customize to your goal whether it's weight loss or weight gain!

Let me know if this is helpful and how it goes and remember that skinny doesn't last forever. There comes a time when all skinny women struggle with weight gain and weight loss so make sure you don't go overboard with the eating. If you keep a journal you can look at patterns and learn from your eating so you can maintain a weight and body shape you like forever!

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