way to get your ebook other than by PayPal

by ituah

Please is there any way to get your ebook other than by PayPal? I would like to get your ebook but in my country we don't use PayPal. Is there any other means of payment? I would be grateful if there is. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

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ybff ebook payment options
by: Monica

Thanks for posting your question. You actually don't need a paypal account to buy any of my products. You can pay with any major credit card including visa, mastercard, discover, American Express or bankcards as well as pay with a paypal account. When you go to the payment page just choose the option that works best for you.

Paypal has a network of more than 193 countries and regions, and accepts payments in 25 currencies. Here is a list of countries that paypal services.

So sorry if your country or currency is not on the list. I am looking into other payment options for women who live in countries not on the list. I am also looking into other payment processors. So far our current processor payhip is working really well. We have not had any delivery issues like we were with our previous processor but having some back up is good just in case : )

Again thanks so much for asking. If I can figure out other payment options I will post them here and on the product pages as well.

Ebook payment
by: Anonymous

Pls could you find a way to include Nigeria as one of those countries. It is not on your list of payment options. Thank you

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