Quick Simple & Dynamic Warm Up Routine for Your Best Female Figure Faster!

Want to burn more fat and calories plus lose fat, tone up and get fit faster? Be sure to start every workout with a dynamic warm up routine that boosts fitness performance and prevents long term injuries.

Dynamic Warmup Exercises Routine

Perform 8-10 reps of each warm up exercise in the list below. The entire routine takes only 7 min. and preps your body for all types of workouts that involve complex movement patterns.

  • leg swings lateral
  • leg swings front to back
  • standing upper body twist
  • neck circles
  • arm windmills
  • downdog hip twists
  • kneeling body circles
  • scorpion twist
  • chest opener/spine integrator
  • lower body windshield wipers
  • hip opener/core integrator
  • hamstring stretch/lunge twist
  • cossack lunge
  • jumping jacks
  • run in place
  • squat thrust jumps

Warm Up Routine Tips for Your Best Body Ever Faster

1. A cardio workout is a good warmup if you're only going to be doing cardio but if your workout involves full body exercises or complex movement patterns you must prep your entire body with dynamic warm up exercises that improve exercise technique. Remember that the better your technique the better your results.

2. Don't have 7 min. for a warmup? Edit out a few exercises and focus on just a few good warmup exercises for 4 minutes. Do what you know your body needs to perform better.

If you struggle with low back, knee pain or hip mobility then focus on that. If you have shoulder limitations or you struggle with upper body issues like back fat or neck pain or belly fat be sure to focus on exercises that align your spine and so on.

3. Got injuries that are slowing down your fitness and fatloss results? Work some rehab exercises into your warm up routine and spend more time warming up than people who are not injured.

Ian King one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the world (who trains all types of elite athletes) does not allow his athletes to even start a workout until they've done a 20 min. warmup.

Do what is right for your body and your body will get fitter, stronger, healthier, leaner, and sexier faster!

One More Warmup Routine Option

Here is another type of warmup routine that's great if you wear heels often.  It's' also a great option if you have forward shoulder posture from too much desk/computer work.

These quick and easy correct posture exercises fix high heel posture imbalances so you can get better results from your fatloss workouts, booty workouts, and leg workouts.

Full instructions for this routine are here: Correct Posture from High Heels Workout