waist twisting exercise that slims your waist vs. bulks your core

The 3 things you need to slim your waist that are simple but not so easy for most of us to do are.  1.  Eat clean 80% of the time consistently not just every other week or once a month or when you've got a special event.   2.  Adequate amounts of cardio, upper body and lower body training for your specific body type.  The goal is not to target trouble zones but to balance your shape with the right frequency of the right types of workouts  3.  The types of waist twisting exercise that DO NOT bulk the core but instead burn fat and train the corset muscles to cinch the waist in while improving core and total body function too.

I've already written about the first 2 things a lot so let's focus today on #3: the right types of waist twisting exercise.  This is an area that does not get enough attention by a majority of smart fitness pros.  The reason for this is they only approach waist twisting from a spot toning and body part targeting point of view when in reality the waist is an area that if trained correctly can really help to slim the waist while improving function and mobility of the entire body. 

the wrong vs the right waist twisting exercise:

First let talk about HOW NOT TO TRAIN YOUR WAIST:  grab a big dumbbell and do endless reps of side bends or worst lay in a side plank and do those ridiculous hip dips you see  20 year old girl all over YouTube doing or EVEN WORST get on one of those waist twisting machines at the gym and just start rotating back and forth like a dough mixer.  NO!!!   If you want to shrink your core and your waist STOP DOING THIS stuff.  Not only do those moves build huge obliques and bulk up your torso they also fail to train the core the way it actually functions which is to turn your body dynamically and provide stability.

Here's the RIGHT WAY TO WAIST TWIST FOR SLIM WAIST:  In this year's vlogtober 10 video below I show you one of the best waist twisting exercises and a waist twist stretch that are both essential for targeting your waist slimming muscles (a.k.a. the corset muscles).  They also happen to burn fat AND correct postural imbalances that make your core appear thicker than it really is. 

If you are not intermediate to advanced in fitness be sure to start with the beginner versions of these moves which I also show in the video.  As far as how often to do this, that really depends on your body type so if you need more guidance on this be sure to check out Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan or Your Best Female Figure plan for body type recommendations.

The stretch with waist twist can also be modified by eliminating the twist part until you are ready.  It's also a stretch you can do daily because it corrects a posture imbalance that a majority of women have that causes the waist to look bigger than it really is.   When I personally neglect this stretch my waist begins to look more rectangular especially because of all the dancing and teaching of classes that over train my quads and upper body.

One last thing to remember when doing the right waist twisting exercise is to focus on using the deep abdominals to twist the core from side to side.  Imagine that your core is a sponge and your corset muscles are wringing all the water out of this sponge every time you train.  This visualization can be used for many of the Corset Core moves in YBFF plans and is key to training your waist in a way that visibly slims and reduces inches.  I know personally from all the trouble I've had with this area before that if I wasn't doing these moves my waist would be even bigger than it was before I lost 4" of bulk off it.    

one last waist twisting exercise tip

If you are a ruler or cone body type you need to make peace with the reality that you will NEVER EVER EVER have a true hourglass figure but that does not mean that you can't achieve a slimmer looking waist and core.  You CAN eliminate the bulk, you can look less rectangular and achieve a more curvy looking waist and figure but it will still be an illusion which can easily be lost if you are not careful and go back to bad eating and wrong training.  Remember that focusing on being YOUR best for the life you want to live is what is going to make you the happiest so don't stress about numbers and measurements.  Only focus on balancing your body type to make it the best it can be.