The best ab fat loss waist training exercises & tips for your
sexy hourglass core & figure faster!

Ready to get your sexy hourglass figure faster?  All the ab fat loss and waist training exercises and tips in this article will get you visible results in under 4 weeks especially when you combine them with any of the other 14 methods of waist training listed below.   

Remember that the point of a fatloss workout is to boost metabolism so you can burn more fat all day every day for the rest of your life; and the best way to do that is with exercise progression.  

1.  exploit progression for ab fat loss & waist training that boosts metcon

This doesn't mean changing your workout every single time you train.  It means sticking to a long term workout plan and progressing each exercise in your plan so each movement pattern becomes increasingly challenging as soon as your body adapts to it.  The video here is an example of how I recently did that with the lose back fat circuit from Corset Core Hourglass Waist plan.  

I modified that circuit to make the exercises slightly different and more challenging for me and it made a HUGE difference in terms of metabolic conditioning and increased ab fat loss which is always a goal for me before our big summer hiking vacations.  I'm now sticking with this back workout for 4 weeks before I move on to a new one.    

2.  improve asymmetrical & intermuscular coordination for even faster waist training ab fat loss results

Training to improve strength and coordination between the right and left side of the body as well as intermuscular coordination (muscle groups working together during an exercise), boosts exercise technique and workout effeciency which in turn help you get your waist training ab fatloss results faster!  

This is the reason many circuits in all best female figure workout plans include dynamic and sometimes weird looking moves that require a lot more mind body focus. vs. beast mode mentality.  For example in the quick video here I'm performing a single leg squat plus rollover to getup.  

This move focuses all the work on to one side of the lower body and allows you to see  which side is stronger and or more coordinated.  When you become more balanced on both sides you can handle more advanced and intense workouts.  This move also requires more spinal flexion/extension, thoracic mobility and core stability which means you'll have to focus more and more focus means better workouts which means a better functioning and looking body.

3.  get out of your comfort zone with hybrid moves that get you visible ab fat loss & waist slimming  

Hybrid fitness is one of the biggest trend in fitness right now and it's here to stay because people love mixing and matching styles of fitness to keep their workouts from getting boring.  The video below is a great example of this because it includes athletic training, functional training, tactical training, pilates, yoga, and a bit of burlesque dance too.  

Not only does hybrid fitness provide variety it also gets you visible results quickly because your body is more challenged by unexpected dynamic movement patterns.  Full length narrated version of this video is coming next week.  Be sure to request the YBFF newsletter if you want access.  

14 more lose belly fat, flat abs,
waist training methods for
visible results faster

There are so many other ways to get rid of that stubborn belly fat,  flatten your abs and shrink your waist.  When used in combination with a challenging workout plan that's right for your body type you will see visible results so much faster.  I've written about some of these methods in previous articles.  Click the links if you want to learn more.


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