6 Waist Slimming Exercises to Sculpt An Hourglass Waist & Figure

Need to burn stomach fat, lose inches around your waist, flatten your stomach, and carve out an hourglass waist and figure? The 6 waist slimming exercises do all that and more. Be sure to follow the hourglass waist tips if you want your results even faster!

Why These Waist Slimming Exercises & Not Oblique Exercises?

What do you do to make a muscle bigger? You train it all the time. Why are oblique exercises the worst way to get a small waist? Because they increase muscle mass right in the waist area so if your goal is a smaller waist you MUST focus on exercises that target your deep abdominals (the transversus abdominis also known as your body's natural corset muscles) vs. oblique exercises.

The stronger your TVA the smaller your waist. All the waist slimming exercises in the video do that plus burn stomach fat too.

Hourglass Waist & Figure Tips for Faster Results

Want results even faster? Follow these simple guidelines:  

  • start your day with green superfood smoothies
  • do a combination of long and short workouts 60 min. some days 30 min. other days
  • opt for 3 meals a day not 6 meals a day
  • add high intensity intervals to your circuits to burn fat
  • do full body ab work to strengthen the TVA (corset muscles)
  • correct posture so the abs lay flatter (Pilates, yoga, foam roller, mobility, etc.)
  • eat lots of veggies and fruit, moderate whole grain carbs, moderate protein, and moderate fat
  • set smart fitness goal and train smarter with workouts that are customized to YOUR body type and goals
  • have positive body image and the desire to look like a better version of yourself
  • eat a super healthy clean diet 80% of the time and enjoy a few modest cheats 20% of the time

All The Best slim waist Exercises & Body Type Workout Schedules Inside Your Best Female Figure Workout Plan...

Detailed descriptions and modifications of all the best waist slimming exercises can be found in Corset Core Hourglass Waist Plan and YBFF plan.

Both plans include dozens of exercises combined into fun and effective circuits that you can customize to your unique body type so you can get your best body ever faster.

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