The Best Exercises for A Slimmer More Hourglass Waist Plus 9 Time Wasting and/or Dangerous Waist Exercises to Avoid  

One of the top questions I get from women of ALL body types is what waist exercises to do to lose the bulk around the core, lose inches around the waist and achieve a slimmer more hourglass waist?  

There is definitely a lot of confusion and dangerous information about waist exercises for a slim waist or hourglass shaped body.  

Below I'll cover why you need to avoid the 9 most dangerous or ridiculous slim waist solutions and share some simple tips about what you do need to focus on to shrink your waist in a healthy way. Plus what options are out there if your goal is extreme waist slimming.

5 Worst Waist Exercises That Can Damage Your Body Bulk Up Your Core & Add Inches to Your Waistline

The idea that you can lose fat or inches from a specific area of the body by targeting that area directly and consistently is called spot reduction and it's a myth that many women believe from being over-exposed to infomercials, fitness magazines and bodybuilder women routines.  

The truth is that those trouble spots that you're trying to reduce are one of two things:

1.  pockets of excess bodyfat that need to be metabolized and used as fuel

2.  protruding bulges that are a result of postural imbalances and faulty movement patterns

Some of the most common waist slimming exercises recommended by fitness "gurus" are exactly the same exercises that a well educated fitness professional would tell you to stay away from unless you were trying to build up that area. 

These exercises which you should avoid or do minimally are:

  • waist twists using weighted bars
  •  waist bends while holding dumbbells
  •  waist rotations with cable machines
  •  knee in or leg lift type exercises
  •  weighted plank exercises

Not only will these exercises make your waist thicker and bulkier by adding muscle mass to your obliques but over training the obliques can and often does create muscular imbalances that distort your posture making your entire mid-section stick out even more!   If your goal is to lose belly fat or lose many inches around your waist you must avoid all these time wasting dangerous exercises that bodybuilder dudes do to thicken their torsos.

4 More Ridiculous Waist Slimming Solutions That Waste Your Time & Money

In addition to avoiding exercises that distort your posture and bulk your core instead of slim your waist you also need to forget about other common waist slimming solutions listed below that really just waste your time and money including:

  • exercising, doing housework or sleeping in sauna suits  
  • exercising while wearing waist slimming belts or corset type belts 
  • hula hooping for hours on end  (very fun and relaxing but doesn't burn many calories and works your obliques excessively creating imbalances)
  • over-priced ab gadgets that "spot reduce" (the fitness chics that usually promote these are getting paid to say it works)

Some of these solutions DO make you sweat which is your body's way of cooling off and also a great way to detox your body but sweating a lot does not mean that your body is metabolizing fat which is what needs to happen for your to lose that muffin top, spare tire or jelly belly roll. 

Check out my Q&A with visitor who asked me about waist slimming belts and sauna suits for an hourglass body.

The real secret to getting rid of the thick layer of bodyfat around your middle is actually very simple but it won't make anybody rich which is why fitness companies, magazines, and fitness "gurus" who only care about getting your money NEVER talk about it!

Want to De-Bulk Your Core & Shrink Your Waist?  It's A Cinch with Smarter Exercises

The truth is that de-bulking your core and slimming your waist is fairly simple if you're willing to approach the problem from a holistic perspective.  

This means you need to address every single factor that is packing fat and or bulk on to your waist including detoxing and diet, stress, posture, functional core and corset training which you'll find a lot of here on this site.

To shrink your waist the same way my clients do and the same way I did, live a healthy lifestyle and focus your workouts on the following exercises:

  • waist exercises that improve core stability and coordination like the dancing lizard, sit thru, or alternating toe touch twist    
  • waist exercises that improve core strength and endurance like twisting planks, rotating tabletops, and more dynamic movement patterns like the sit thru straddle thrust twisting lunge
  • waist exercises that burn the fat around your torso like the basic twisting lunge or getup jump
  • waist exercises that correct posture like the wild thing or twisting yoga poses   

I featured these exercises in the video here and in my corset waist training article. They are also described in detail in my workout plan Corset Core Hourglass Waist.

So What If You Want Extreme Waist Slimming to Look Like A 50s Pinup Girl or Burlesque Performer or Corset Shaped?

If you're a female who is interested in achieving a tiny waist there are extreme methods out there that will help you accomplish it including corset waist training also called tight lacing, liposuction, laser sculpting, Cryolipolysis also known as coolsculpting, dangerous pills, coffee enemas, starvation diets, etc. 

The problem with all these extreme solutions is they have serious side effects.  If your goal is to achieve a tiny waist be sure to research the pros and cons of any method you choose to achieve your tiny waist goal. 

Deadly may sound like too serious of a word but a lot of what is marketed as safe really CAN be deadly so be smart and really consider whether your extreme waist slimming goal is worth pursuing or if maybe you would just be happier sculpting the best female figure you can have naturally.

Also in case you're wondering I have nothing against corset wearing.  I own several and have written about them in my corset training article, in my waist cincher review and in my steel boned vs. acrylic bones corsets review.