Best Waist Exercise Strategies to Sculpt An Hourglass Figure Middle

Are oblique exercises the best waist exercise to reduce waist size and sculpt a smaller waist or a more hourglass body?  Not really and you may be surprised to know that the best waist slimming exercises are not the ones most fitness experts recommend.

In fact the waist exercises that many experts who have never worked with real female clients often recommend actually build a bulky core and do nothing to burn stomach fat, or flatten your abs or create an hourglass waist like the one at right.

The truth is a slim waist like the one here can be easily achieved with a combination of strategies that do not target the waist muscles directly.

Too much waist exercise and oblique exercises = thick boxy torso like these bodybuilder chics.

The truth is that targeting the obliques all the time (or any muscle for that matter) causes the muscle to grow.  So the more you work a muscle the bigger it gets which is probably not what you want if you're goal is to reduce your waist.  

Below is a list of what does work to burn stomach fat, flatten your abs, and carve out a sexy hourglass waist.  Be sure to pay close attention to the 5 hourglass figure secrets of burlesque queen Dita Von Teese.  Her tips are so easy and they actually work!

Top 3 Hourglass Figure Middle Strategies That Work Better Than Any Waist Exercise or Oblique Exercises

Cardio Core Fatloss Workouts - One of the best ways to burn belly fat and reduce your waist size is to combine cardio and core ab exercises into fat burning interval workouts that save time and burn more fat and calories during the workout and post workout too.

This is called metabolic conditioning and is a type of training that boosts metabolism and speeds up the fat burning process.

Metabolic training is so awesome for fatloss and a lean toned sexy body that it even helps you to burn fat while you sleep!  Just make sure not to overdo it with metcon if you're a cone or ruler body type.

Clean Healthy Fatloss Meals - Every woman knows that clean healthy fatloss meals are a must for flat toned abs and a smaller waist.  But what many women don't realize is that healthy foods keeps all your fat burning and fat storing hormones balanced.

When you eat adequate amounts of healthy foods your hormones stay balanced and your body uses those foods as fuel.  When you eat the wrong foods your hormones get out of balance and your body starts depositing fat right in your belly area or other trouble zones.

Flow Yoga is excellent for a smaller waist because flow yoga:

  • keeps the fat storing hormone cortisol in check (cortisol is that nasty hormone that deposits fat right in your middle).
  • lengthens your spine and improves your posture which means you'll look taller and leaner all the time.
  • strengthens your body's natural corset muscles which shrink your waist from the inside out.

Best part about yoga for toning and fatloss is how fun and simple it is. Yoga poses for weight loss and fatloss also have the added benefit of improving your exercise technique.

Flow yoga may be the best waist exercise workout ever but if you're not into yoga don't worry you can also do Pilates. More on that below.

Burlesque Queen Hourglass Figure Secrets Work Better Than Any Waist Exercise or Oblique Exercises

1. Three Small Meals Per Day - As it turns out all that advice about eating 6 small meals a day to control calories and burn more fat was just hype. According to webmd "a review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded there was no real weight loss advantage to eating six meals a day. Another study, in the British Journal of Nutrition, found no weight loss difference between dieters who ate their calories in three meals daily or six meals a day".

According to burlesque queen Dita Von Teese eating fewer meals per day works best to keep her slim and I have to agree with her. I personally found that switching to 3 meals and 1 optional snack per day makes it easier to control calories and weight too.

Before when I was eating 6 times a day I struggled to stay at 118 lb. and could not get my waist below 28 inches.  But when I stopped grazing I experienced fast fat loss, and my waist got smaller too.   3 meals a day = a smaller waist and a sexy curvy female shape. 6 meals a day is for bodybuilders or overweight people with insulin resistance issues.   

2. Start Your Day with Green Smoothies - This is one of the easiest and most effective hourglass figure secrets of Dita Von Teese who has stated in various interviews that she used to struggle to maintain a slim waist until she swapped her regular breakfast for quick and easy green smoothies.

According to researchers at the Center of Nutritional Medicine in Munich, a small breakfast is better for calorie control and green smoothies are small and nutrient dense.

I finally decided to switch my big breakfast for green superfoods smoothies and it helped me lose inches around my waist effortlessly plus improved my health and energy levels too.

There are actually many types of smoothies you can try including more traditional weight loss smoothies that include protein powders and other ingredients that may be a better fit for your unique metabolic type.

3. Pilates Fatloss Workouts - Did you know that pilates mainly targets your deep abdominal muscles also known as your transversus abdominis or TVA for short.

These deep ab muscles act like your body's natural corset cinching in your core to protect the spine every time you move.

So not only does Pilates build a strong functional core it also shrinks your middle from the inside out.  Get started with my quick routine pilates for women who want a lean toned body and a more hourglass shaped waist.

Like yoga Pilates shrinks your core from the inside out making it a great "waist exercise" for a smaller waist and flat abs.

4. More N.E.A.T. - The term N.E.A.T. stands for non exercise activity thermogenesis and considering that there is only so much fat burning exercise and healthy eating you can do each day it only makes sense that you should focus on this just as much.

So what exactly is NEAT? It's any daily activity that would not be classified as traditional exercise i.e. walking around, housework, yard work, taking the stairs, dancing, cooking, etc. According to fatloss experts the more NEAT you accumulate each day the more calories you burn, the faster you reach your body makeover goals and the more likely you are to stay there too so be sure to stay super active each day with exercise and with active recovery activities.

5. Corsets & Curvy Clothing - One of the best kept secrets of hourglass figure women is that many of them are not true hourglass body types.

They simply work harder than the rest of us to sculpt a more curvy shape and they also create the illusion of an hourglass figure with corset waist training, sexy corsets and body type clothing tricks.

There's many books on how to dress for a more curvy appearance or you can just experiment and have fun with it!