butt lift ab toning waist cincher workout & waist cincher corset reality

Sometimes the weirdest looking exercises are the ones that work best for a slim waist sexy booty and improved body shape.  The 5 very dynamic unconventional moves in the butt lift ab toning waist cincher workout video below are also great for improving hip and core stability, for improving balance, coordination and posture as well and best of all they are a fun new way to train your body so your workouts don't get boring!

butt lift ab toning waist cincher workout tips

There are 5 exercises in the butt lift ab toning waist cincher workout and they all build on each other meaning that each one gets more challenging but will also be easier to perform with good technique if you do them in the order listed below.  I explained in detail how to do each of these moves in the video here so be sure to watch the video first before trying them. 

  • band pull with leg lift
  • ball dive bent leg hip extension press
  • diagonal ball leg drop
  • frog legs ball roll lift
  • wide leg ball forward fold to ball oh boat pose
  • How many reps and rounds of this you do is entirely up to you and depends on your unique body type and fitness goals at this point in your fitness journey.  If you need guidance on how often to train these types of moves be sure to refer to ybff or corset core plans as well as love your booty.  All 3 plans cover type of workout frequency for all 4 body types so you train right for your body and get the best shape you can possibly have.

    Now with that being said most people do not need a ton of this type of training!  1-2 rounds after your cardio or after a lower body workout is more than enough and you don't have to train tons and tons of reps like you see on every other core workout on youtube.  Remember that doing less with much better technique often gets better results than trying to do a lot with really poor form. 

    Also for some body types over training the core is not recommended ever!  If you're already doing some type of core circuit and want to try this one be sure to drop the other one so you don't double up and over train your core which can lead to bulking.  Remember that some core work is necessary but too much (for rulers and cones) is not good!

    One final tip for anybody currently using bodycon for weight loss or rapid fatloss:  If your core is feeling the intensity of bodycon plan which does include more plank style work than other plans on the site then it's best to wait on this type of training until after you're done with that plan.  If you really do want to try this circuit then be sure to replace similar moves in your bodycon circuits with these so you are not over training the core.   

    waist cincher corset vs. waist cincher workout:  the real deal about what works best

    I've written about waist cincher corset and corset waist training before and while I do not recommend you exercise while wearing one EVER!!! I do find that wearing a cincher or corset when you are not feeling your best or if you're in the process of losing weight and bodyfat can be helpful.  

    Some fitness people have called waist cinchers and corsets ridiculous but there are many ways they can help.  If you want to learn more just click the links above to check out my articles on how they can help and tips on when to wear them (Hint: NEVER WHILE EXERCISING).