waist cincher band exercises

There are two types of bands that slim your waist and help you get those hourglass curves; a waist cincher band you wear that reduces your waist instantly and a thera band for exercises that target your corset muscles and slims your waist gradually.  A few of the best waist cinching band exercises below plus a sneakpeek of my Ann Chery and Squeem waist cincher  review pics too.

waist slimming thera band exercises & tips

waist cincher band exercise instructions:  perform 5-15 reps of each exercise in a circuit after your cardio or other circuits

  • thera band ballet squat to overhead press + rotation 
  • thera band back to front lunge +alternating overhead raise 
  • thera band downdog knee-in glute kickback
  • thera band boat pose rowing

waist cincher band exercises tips:

  • Use your deep abdominals to initiate and stabilize the movement.
  • Keep your shoulder blades down and your head and neck relaxed.
  • These are total body exercises so focus on fluid movement that transfers the work load from one muscle group to the next.
  • Breathe naturally and try to use your breathing to improve your movement.  Don't force any style of breathing just breathe in a way that feels easy and natural.
  • Remember that all movement originates from the core so if you struggle to squat press twist bend or balance just focus on your core and your posture to improve your technique. 

more thera band exercises and tips

I wrote an entire article about how thera band exercises can help you burn fat and slim your waist.  It also includes tips on what types of thera bands to buy and safety tips that you'll want to follow when using them to prevent serious injury.   The thera band exercises page also includes pics and videos of more exercises you can do with bands.

waist cincher bands review sneakpeek

I've been studying core training since 2003 and have continuing education certifications in Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back Training, Posture & Performance as well as Mat Pilates and Ballet.

Unfortunately none of the courses I've taken or books I've read have addressed the effects of long term use of shapewear, waist cinchers or waist training corsets so I finally decided to do my own research to find out how wearing a cincher affects your posture, fitness and waist size.

Below is a sneakpeek of my Ann Chery and Squeem waist cincher review.  Be sure to check it out if you're considering this method of waist slimming.  You can also check out the steel bone corset I'm reviewing on that page.