Very overweight high bodyfat hides true shape?

Hello. My question is that I would like to know if enough fatty tissue hides one's true body type?

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Apr 02, 2015
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by: monica

Yes being very very overweight and having extremly high bodyfat CAN create the illusion of a different body shape but a person would need to have both weight and bodyfat in the obesity range in order for that to happen.

Most of the women I work with in person are anywhere from 20-60 pounds overweight and I can always tell what their true body shape is even through all their layers of excess fat weight.

I've been working with females of all ages for so long that I can even tell when a young teenage girl is actually a pear but looks more like an overweight ruler. I can also tell when a post pregnancy woman looks like a cone but is actually a ruler or when a post menopausal woman looks like a pear but is actually an hourglass figure.

The true body shape of a woman is always visible to the trained eye. Ask any personal trainer with years of experience training females and they will agree 100% on this.

If you are currently struggling to figure out your true body shape take out pics of yourself from 5, 10, 15 even 25 years ago or compare pics of yourself at different weights. You can always see the true shape.

Perfect example of this is Christina Aguilera. Whether she was skinny or really overweight she had a defined waist and wider hips with round full booty. If you check out the video on my before after page you can also see how my body shape is a ruler my entire life even now that I have a 10" difference between waist and hips and fall into the .80 WTR that supposedly makes me an hourglass. You can't fool mother nature : ) but you CAN improve the shape you were born with so you look and feel great!

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