Verox butt lifting jeans review for all body types

by monica

butt lifting jeans flatter instead of flatten the booty

butt lifting jeans flatter instead of flatten the booty

butt lifting jeans flatter instead of flatten the booty butt lifting jeans definitely make a fit booty look rounder fuller curvier what my butt looks like in liquid leggings that show it's actual shape this is what Verox models on Hourglass Angel site look like (is her butt for real or is it padded panties?  we'll never know)

A brazilian butt lift isn't the only way to a sexy curvy booty. How butt lifting jeans can enhance your butt and show off your hard earned assets!

If you are not a triangle or hourglass body type who was genetically born with a generous size behind then you know exactly what it's like to literally bust your butt just to grown or maintain a medium size booty.

Like many of our cone/ruler visitors, you probably don't struggle to lose weight or bodyfat. In fact getting lean is easy for you when you exercise regularly and eat healthy most of the time which also means you lose your booty easily if you're not careful with the fatloss...

As you probably know there is only so much booty you can build and maintain when you are a ruler/cone body type without resorting to crazy extreme time consuming muscle building chic workouts. But this doesn't mean you can't get a sexier curvier booty it just means you have to learn how to be happy with what you can build/maintain with a natural realistic approach and this is exactly why butt lifting jeans are so awesome!

Not only do butt lift jeans provide a lifting effect that makes your medium size booty appear bigger rounder and higher than it is they also have a waist slimming effect which is key to making your female figure appear more curvalicious.

These are great for rulers and cones who struggle to find jeans that flatter instead of flatten the butt. It's also great for hourglass and triangles types who desire a more firm lifted appearance while in the process of losing excess fat and reshaping the flabby saggy butt.

As you can see in the before and after pics above my medium size booty looks quite flat and square in various types of jeans but looks rounder fuller and much curvier in the Verox Oh Hey There Butt Enhancing jeans that were sent to me for review by Hourglass Angel. I LOVE these pants so much!!

My only issue is the sizing is a bit confusing since they are Columbian sizes. I asked for a 1-2 American which apparently is an 8 in Columbia (according to the tag) and they are about 2 sizes too big. They gap at the waist a bit and my butt doesn't quite expand the amount of fabric in the butt and hip area of this size jean but other than sizing I absolutely LOVE these Columbian butt jeans (also called levanta cola or brazilian jeans). I will absolutely get another style in about 2 sizes smaller if available.

Have you ever tried butt lifting jeans? What brand did you get and how did they work for you? Feel free to share your experience below and recommend another brand for me to try. I am definitely getting another pair very soon!

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