Variable intensity interval training better than HIIT say experts but what's big secret of VIIT...

Experts are saying variable intensity interval training is way better for you and as effective if not more so than HIIT!  Great, it's about time something knocked HIIT off it's pedestal where it's been for decades now but does VIIT really torch the fat and how exactly do you do it the right way?  

What exactly is Variable Intensity Interval Training?

VIIT for short is a type of workout that combines high intensity intervals with moderate as well as low intensity intervals.  For example a circuit of inverted pushups, db rows, walking lunges, squats and tabeltops performed for 5 min. followed by 2 1/2 min. of squat thrusts, squat jumps, run in place high knees followed by 5 min. of restorative yoga poses.  

So basically VIIT is similar to the hybrid YBFF workouts that I've been uploading on youtube for the past couple of years now!  How cool is that.  Not only was YBFF cutting edge for 5 years ago when I first created it but now it's been proven to be as effective with less risk of injury too.

 The reason for this is the body is trained with adequate intensity and adequate recovery as I've blogged & vlogged about endlessly the last few years.  I have to admit that reading about VIIT made me feel super validated for listening to the most cutting edge educated fitness experts years ago about smarter not just harder training!

What's The Big Secret About Variable Intensity Interval Training?

So the big secret of variable intensity training is that if you're doing HIIT you're practically doing it. According to experts most people doing HIIT aren't really doing it simply because most people do not have the capacity to work at maximum effort for more than 2-3 min.

So in reality most people's HIIT workouts area really VIIT workouts with one exception and that is that HIIT is so repetitive that it has resulted in a steady rise in training injuries over the past few years.  In other words when you do HIIT using the same movement patterns you are actually doing a prolonged decreasing intensity workout since your body really can't train at maximal past 3 min.  So how does VIIT work and how do you do it effectively?

So how exactly do you do Variable Intensity Interval Training?

Well over the years I've uploaded countless variable intensity interval workouts but one of my favorites is this one I shared just other day on instagram.  It's super easy to follow and best of all you can train at your level no matter what level that is.

Moderate intensity circuit 6-10 min. (from ybff plan in video above)

  • Stiff leg deadlift to db overhead press
  • Reverse lunge with db curl
  • Front lunge to db overhead press
  • Wide stance squat
  • Traveling squat with single arm curl

High intensity circuit 2 min. (featured in Bodycon plan, not shown here)

  • Run in place high knees
  • Squat thrust jacks
  • Lateral leap twist
  • Sandbell swing

Easy intensity circuit 5 min. (from Sexiest Female Figure in video below)

  • Booty band seated mermaid to abduction
  • Booty band side plank to abduction
  • Booty band side lying bent leg abduction
  • Booty band side lying straight leg abduction
  • Booty band tabletop abduction to boat pose

High intensity circuit 2 min. (from Bodycon plan, not shown here)

  • Run in place high knees
  • Squat thrust jacks
  • Lateral leap twist
  • Sandbell swing

Easy intensity circuit 5-10 min.

super easy stretching or complimentary yoga poses like the ones featured on these ybff pages.

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If you look closely at the workout outline you can see that the high intensity circuits are only 2 min. and followed by more moderate or easy circuits that allow for the recovery necessary to train at max again one or two more times.  The workout also includes more movement patterns which prevents wear and tear on the body from repetitive movement.

Variable intensity interval training can be found in a majority of YBFF circuits and workout videos because it's the smarter way to burn fat and calories long term meaning you will not get sidelined by injuries or so drained during a workout that you start to train your body to endure over training instead of train your body to improve fitness levels and fat burning.

Need a plan to get you started?  Try Bodycon Female Fitness plan.  It teaches you everything you need to know about manipulating the variables that matter during workouts so you can get your best female body possible in less time and with reduced risk of injury!