9 vacation workout tips + quick workout options & travel workout gear to pack

Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you want to take a break from being healthy and fit!  Best case scenario if you fail to workout is you come back a bit flabby and with less endurance.  Worst case scenario you'll gain 15-20 pounds like many of my clients.  Yikes!  No woman wants that especially after all the hard work you put into training your body to look fit and sexy.   Below are the top 9 vacation workout tips I've used in the past 10 years of vacations with Justin to avoid weight gain and stay fit while travelling.

these 3 vacation workout tips are key to blocking vacation weight gain

1.  Life is too short for stressing about your regular workout routine while on vacation.  Go ahead and take a break from your usual routine but don't just skip exercise all together.  Instead try other types of workouts like yoga on the beach, bodyweight exercises at the park or swimming walking climbing kayaking and hiking instead of traditional exercise.   Your body and brain will appreciate the change in activities and may even end up burning more calories and fat than usual plus trust me when I say that any type of workout on the beach is amazing as you can see in last year's Kona vacation yoga flow video here.

2.  Do a bit of yoga or stretch every night before bed.  Travelling takes a toll on your body and can place tension on muscles making it harder to get back to your routine when you get back.  If you just take a few minutes to stretch before bed or even throughout the day you'll be ready to get back to your usual routine as soon as you get back instead of feeling stiff and lethargic like many of my traveling client do when they return from trips.   Instructions to the simple and quick dynamic stretching routine pictured below are here.

3.   Take it easy with the food!  Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you need to take a vacation from healthy eating.  This is a huge issue for many of my clients who just throw all their hard work out the window and indulge 24/7 the entire time they are gone.  Not only does this sabotage all your hard work and cause weight and bodyfat gain but it also reinforces negative eating behaviors that are not good for you regardless of where you are and who you are with or what you are doing.  Vacations are not an excuse to abuse your body with junk food and alcohol.  In reality overindulging defeats the purpose of relaxing by placing strain on your digestion and detoxing systems so indulge in moderation80/20 eating applies to all areas of your life including holidays!

the 3 vacation workout tips below are practical empowering and inspiring!

4.  Pack compact easy to use gear for quick efficient small room workouts.  If there is no gym or classes available while vacationing and your trip does not accommodate lots of daily fun outdoor activity then a quick routine with gliding discs, booty bands and Pilates bands in the morning can help you maintain your fitness level until you get back to your normal routine.   Get all the travel workout gear you need here.  

5.  Stick up for your preferences to eat healthy and be fit.  It can be easy to let relative and friends that you are visiting or travel companions to bully you into making bad food choices or skipping exercise all together.  Nobody enjoys being the person who says no BUT in the end this is not going to empower you in your daily life so why cave in to pressure on holiday and reinforce this behavior.  Have the courage to say no without the need to explain it.  If people love you or get what you're about they won't mind and if they do mind then who cares.  They're not the ones who have to live in your body when you get back home.

6.   Invite people to be active with you.  Just because friend or relatives you are visiting or travel companions are normally sedentary does not mean they enjoy that!  They may be waiting for somebody like you to inspire them or show them how fun it can be to be active so include people in your workout plans or fitness activities while travelling.  You may be that person that inspires another person to build an exercise addiction for life.  How amazing would that be!

these last 3 vacation workout tips are for keeping your holiday fun & safe!

7. Be aware of your surroundings to stay safe.  Whether you choose to train in a hotel gym, a dance fitness studio, a trendy gym, at the beach or a park like I'm doing in video below, make sure the location and equipment is safe.  The last thing you want is to end up with an injury or have your stuff stolen while you're busy doing suspension trainer dive bomber planks or worst have your iphone dragged off by the ocean.  None of these have happened to me by the way but I recently heard a story on instagram of some guys entire backpack full of cameras getting stolen while they were running around doing crazy stunts.  This tip isn't meant to make you nervous just to keep you safe :)   

8.   Try a new fitness class you've never tried before.  Plenty of gyms and studios offer drop in rates along with workout options that many not be available in your town or city.  A holiday is the perfect time to experiment and try something really different than what you normally don't have access to or time to do.  Just be sure it's suitable for your level so you don't hurt yourself.

9.  Allow yourself some freedom to skip activity all together but never go more than 2 days without some form of activity.  48 hours is when your metabolism needs that signal to keep functioning at optimum.  When you don't give your body exercise within that time frame your metabolism cycles down and if you continue to do that for an extended period of time it continues to decrease which leads to low energy, weight gain, fat gain, cellulite, flab and all that other stuff you can't stand to look at in the mirror.

vacation workout video with more tips & instructions below...

perform 8-12 reps of each exercise one time

  1. Pilates band fly squat
  2. sandbell swings
  3. gliding disc sandbell oh press
  4. hydro ball lateral lunge
  5. hydro ball twisting lunge jump
  6. x bands diagonal hip extension
  7. x band jump squat
  8. x band table top abduction
  9. Pilates band seated rows + forward fold
  10. x band supine abduction bridge
  11. hydro ball x band get up squat thrust or jacks
  12. x band lateral lunge balance
  13. gliding disc plank abduction knee in
  14. gliding disc updog downdog
  15. gliding disc dive bomber hip extension
  16. x band side lying abduction
  17. x band bent over glute kickback
  18. hydro ball single leg deadlift balance
  19. travelling squat lateral leg raise
  20. Pilates bend curl to oh press
  21. Pilates band oh tricep extension
  22. Pilates band boat pose row
  23. Pilates band or x band downdog glute kickback
  24. dance it out!