under armour coldgear vs. nike hyperwarm comparison review

by monica

Love!! the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed Training Tights

Love!! the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed Training Tights

Love!! the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed Training Tights Under Armour Women's UA Authentic ColdGear® Fitted Tight also nice for the price! Champion Womens Absolute Workout Leggings also warm and great bargain tight.

Who makes the best black cold weather tights Under Armour Coldgear or Nike Hyperwarm? Also a great warm workout tight alternative for a fraction of the price of these two tights...

Freezing during cold weather workouts? Under Armour cold gear and Nike hyperwarm have you covered in heat retaining fabrics without the bulk but which works best for the price. In this quick comparison review I share my unsponsored 100% unbiased opinion so you can decide which brand is best for your unique training needs and preferences.

Price: At $49.99 (online and in sporting goods shop) the Under Armour Women's UA Authentic ColdGear® Fitted Tight is a bargain compared to the Nike Pro Hyperwarm Embossed Training Tights which are $119.95 online or $69 at shop where I got them.

Warmth: Both tights are warm but the Under Armour tight wicks sweat better and faster both indoors and outdoors than the Nike tight which doesn't dry as quickly. The Nike tight is also shorter so doesn't completely cover my ankle which is surprising considering I'm not quite 5'4" and most leggings fit me too long requiring me to roll them up several times.

The Under Armour tight goes all the way over the ankle so if you like being covered up from waist to foot then the Under Armour definitely offers better coverage.

Fit: Both tights are super comfortable to wear and feel equally light so you get plenty of warmth without the bulk. The Under Armour tights have a wide waistband that stays put during hikes walks or upper body workouts BUT slides down constantly when I'm doing more dynamic core and lower body workouts. I got a size small in these without trying the XS so not sure if downsizing would solve this problem or make it worst.

The Nike tights have a thin elastic waistband that stays put and doesn't dig into my waist. I thought this type of waistband would be horribly uncomfortable but actually fits well on my body type. I got these in XS and they fit perfectly other than the no ankle coverage issue.

Style: From a distance the look of these tights is very similar. But closer up you can see the Nike tights have embossed matte black and shiny black stripes as well as a neon logo and waistband that makes them a bit more trendy looking than the plain Under Armour tights. Get a closer look at Nike embossed tights at ybff instagram. I have compared cold weather workout tights on both sites and Under Armour just don't offer the styles that Nike does. Most Under Armour tights look kind of dated while Nike and Nike lab offer some of the coolest designs and fabrics which probably accounts for the price differences.

If you don't care about style when training then this is a total non issue for you but if you're a leggings junkie like me then you probably won't mind paying a bit extra for something that stands out a bit more like the Nike x Pedro skirted tights I reviewed.

Bottom Line: If you're just looking for an affordable basic black tight that keeps you warm wicks sweat quickly and offers a comfortable waistband that stays put most of the time then the Under Armour won't disappoint. If you prefer a more trendy looking black tight that's warm, offers a stay put waistband and o.k. sweat wicking the Nike tight is worth the money. I like both but tend to wear the Nike tights more often.

Need an affordable tight that keeps you warm and dries quickly? The Champion Women's Absolute Workout Legging is a definite downgrade in material but is comfortable and keeps you warm for around $18. I filmed tons of workout videos in these and wore the to death!

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