best overall exercise for sexy body:  the twisting lunge jump with mega medicine ball drive

Can you guess the 1 exercise that can completely change your body? Yes it's true just 1 move that's in every YBFF plan can burn tons of fat, slim your waist, tone arms & legs, sculpt a sexy booty, plus boost total body strength, endurance, agility, coordination, mobility, balance and metabolism.  It's the twisting lunge jump with mega ball drive and it requires a lot of lower body strength, core and shoulder stability as well as cardio endurance so it's definitely a more advanced level exercise but you can work up to it with the tips below.

I learned an even more advanced version of this from a very advanced fitness plan and adapted it to YBFF in a way that a majority of women can progress to after some time.  Best of all if the mega ball is an issue because you don't have one or because holding one causes problems for your shoulders back or neck then you can do it with other equipment as explained below...

twisting lunge jump with mega ball drive how to:

  • Start with feet hip width apart holding a mega medicine ball at chest level with arms bent
  • Step right foot back into a reverse lunge lowering the knee until it's close to the floor
  • Quickly hop or jump to switch legs and land with left foot in a reverse lunge knee close to floor
  • Quickly come back to up to balance on the right leg and raise the left knee up to waist level
  • Drive the left knee into the mega medicine ball as you also slam ball down to thigh above knee
  • Repeat by starting with left foot stepping back this time and continue alternating sides

So why is it called a twisting lunge when twisting is only optional?  Because the quick back and forth creates a twisting motion in the torso that makes the exercise an incredible balance and stability challenge but also targets the deep abs in a very functional way.  

It will also help you advance to twisting lunge jump with or without ball (pic here) that rotate in a full circle which are amazing for fat burning booty and waist slimming.

twisting lunge jump modifications and tips

There are various ways you can a twisting lunge jump that will allow you to do it effectively whether you are a total beginner or super advanced and no matter what equipment you have or don't have so NO EXCUSES for skipping this killer move!

  • Instead of jumping to switch the feet hop instead.  This minimizes impact and eases balancing.
  • If your core and upper body are weak lose the ball and slam your hands into the thigh instead.
  • Use any weight you like including a dumbbell, sandbell, small weighted ball, rubber medicine ball.  Anything works but if you have a hard weight you won't be able to slam it into your knee.
  • To work the core and upper body harder you can twist the upper body as you lunge and you can press or raise your weight overhead.
  • To boost cardio endurance and fat burning you can add a getup as shown in the video here. 

The ways to do this move are limited only by your imagination so get creative but be safe and be sure the focus is on excellent technique.

Need to build up your strength and endurance for this move from a beginner or advanced level?  Be sure to start with the modified versions of this move in YBFF & Corset Core or Love Your Booty plans.