trouble zone quick fixes vs. body type fitness results

by monica

I often come across trainers who make excuses like "muscle weighs more than fat" or "don't get discouraged your body is changing from the inside out" when their clients or visitors aren't getting results from their body makeover plans.

But the truth is that a well designed workout plan gets visible results from day one! Yes actual results you can see in the mirror need to happen from day one and week one. So what's the difference between a plan that transforms your body from day one and one that doesn't?

A poorly designed plan focus all your effort on the trouble area that you're unhappy with so for example if you hate your abs or butt then a trainer will focus all your effort on fatloss workouts plus trouble zone training.

I've seen this in the gym, in magazines, in online workout plans often and it's a common mistake many trainers make when training clients or creating workouts for their sites.

A well designed plan on the other hand focuses on balanced workouts that balance your unique female body type. So for example if you have a thick core and tiny legs and no butt a well designed workout plan would build up your legs and butt while de-bulking your core with exercises that may seem completely unrelated to your goal but that actually get you the visible results you want.

So you see the body makeover happening from day one and then it keeps getting better week after week.

See the dilema that many trainers, fitness sites and magazines have is they are afraid to tell women what they actually need for fear of losing their business so they give women what they want (trouble zone fixes) instead of what they need (body shape balancing). All you have to do is look at the covers of magazines or workout titles on youtube to know what I'm saying is true.

Now if you are serious about making over your body shape you can not afford to make this same mistake and choose quick fix body part training over smart body type fitness strategies. Here's a quick circuit to illustrate what I mean:

This f8 circuit would be ideal for a woman who has a tiny upper body, excess lower body fat, a wide butt and thick thighs. Not only would a circuit like this burn tons of fat without bulking up the legs (because you're using minimal weight and moving quickly) it also strengthens and tones the lower body plus builds some lean mass in the upper body and core because of all the plank work so the triangle shape becomes more of a fit toned hourglass shape.

This circuit could also be used by a ruler or hourglass needing to burn fat but nowhere near as often as a triangle body type should do it and a cone would be better off avoiding a workout like this all together because of all the upper body work that would make them more cone shaped instead of more balanced and hourglass shaped.

So the secret to getting your best female figure is to focus less on body part quick fixes and more on body shape balancing. More about this in my new ebook Top 5 Mistakes/Secrets for Your Best Female Figure. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you want a copy and access to all the circuits that go with it : )

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