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I have a triangle/pear shape. I have broad shoulders. Though not muscular. My bust size is 40 in. My waist is 32 in. My hips is 43 in. I have a flat tummy and a big booty. I weigh 184 pounds and am 5ft 10in. I would love to have a sexy dancer body. Please could you give me a detailed workout plan and a meal plan for my body shape?

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Sep 11, 2013
workout tip for triangle body to dancer body
by: Monica

Thanks so much for posting your question. From your measurements it actually sounds like you're an hourglass who is just carrying more weight on the booty right now. But either way if your goal is to have a leaner more dancer looking body the most important thing for you is going to be cardio cardio and more cardio.

You need to be doing both short and intense cardio workouts 10-20 min. as well as longer moderate intensity cardio workouts 30-60 min.

You should focus on both bodyweight type cardio exercises that target the upper body more, and jump rope, outdoor, or machine cardio (but stay away from bikes and stairmasters). Here is a list of workouts for the A and X body type also known as triangle or pear body type and the opposing triangles or hourglass type.

Keep in mind that you can not change your shape but one thing you can do is achieve a more dancer looking body by sticking with the right types of workouts for your body type.

The article above has tips and videos that will help but if you want better results be sure to grab a copy of my workout plan Your Best Female Figure and then follow the triangle or the hourglass body type schedule for 6-8 weeks.

This combined with the healthy eating plan in the ebook will help you achieve a longer leaner dancer looking lower body to match your smaller upper body.

Sep 13, 2013
by: ituah

Thank you so much for replying my question but I need some clarification. Do you mean I should avoid lunges and squats. Why? I thought that would help slim my thigh fat cos I have been following your videos. Also I would like to get your ebook but in my country we don't use PayPal. Is there any other means of payment. I would be grateful if there is. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

Sep 13, 2013
how to shrink a body part
by: monica

I can see how this can be confusing. Most of us have learned that a trouble area should be worked more but this is the worst way to get a balanced body shape.

If you have a bulky lower body or have a lot of fat to lose on the lower body what you must do is burn a lot of fat and the best way to do that is with high intensity exercise that DO NOT build more muscle mass on the legs or butt.

You don't need to avoid lunges or squats. In fact you should be doing them but just not as often as you need to be doing other things like what I showed in the A X video plus tons of cardio, upper body and some core.

A body type like yours only needs about 1 day of lower body work per week and 5-6 days of other types of workouts.

My rectangle body type or the cone type needs to focus less on core, upper body, cardio and do a lot more legs and butt work. Why? Because if I work my abs back arms all the time with fatloss workouts that include tons of planks and presses then my upper body grows, my waist gets wider and my butt and legs get flat and too skinny. Also if I do cardio all the time I lose all my bodyfat very easily and get too lean and I end up looking more rectangular which I don't want.

So I can only train core and upper body once a week and do cardio once in a while but I have to train my butt and legs all the time to keep them from getting small : )

If you want an area of the body to get bigger you train it more often with more weight and more reps. When you want to burn a lot of fat and make a body part smaller you only train that body part once a week and get busy with high intensity cardio or other circuits that target the rest of your body the rest of the days.

I hope this helps and thanks so much for visiting and posting your questions.

Sep 15, 2013
My body type
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I get it now. Now it makes sense why my thighs and hips appear bigger instead of slimmer. I was practically doing lower body exercises everyday. And I avoided cardio. Hope with these tips you have given, i can get a lean toned body. Please is there any way to get your ebook other than by PayPal?

Sep 17, 2013
ebook payment options
by: Monica

Sorry I forgot to answer your paypal question. You actually don't need a paypal account to buy any of my products. You can pay with any major credit card including visa, mastercard, discover, American Express or bankcards as well as pay with a paypal account. When you go to the payment page just choose the option that works best for you.

Paypal has a network of more than 193 countries and regions, and accepts payments in 25 currencies. Here is a list of countries that paypal services.

So sorry if your country or currency is not on the list. I am looking into other payment options for women who live in countries not on the list. I am also looking into other payment processors. So are not having any issues with payhip like we were with our previous processor but back up is good just in case : )

Thanks so much for asking again. I will post this in the customer service area as well.

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